Friday, February 10, 2012

The carpet is IN!

A few weeks ago, D and I were visiting some of our future neighbors. They said that their house felt like home on the day their carpet went in. Our carpet went in today. I totally agree. 

In-law suite, from the bathroom.
In-law suite, from the closet.
Great Room, from the kitchen.
Great Room, from the dinette.
Great Room, from the stairs.
Niels' office.

Lighted stairs, now with carpet.
Lighted stairs, looking down.

Guest Room.
D's room.

Hallway, from D's bathroom.
Our bedroom.
Niels' side of the closet.
My side of the closet.
The carpet was one of the big compromises for us. In the no-budget plan, we would have had all cork floors in the non-tile rooms. Alas, we had a budget, and our quotes came back over our allowance after we settled on carpet made of corn or recycled plastic. But, it was easy to scale down here because we know that we want to replace the carpet within 3-5 years. Harold from Northport Flooring America was wonderful to work with, and helped us make our budget with flooring with this choice.

The crew from Northport has been great to work with, and the carpet crew was especially fun. They oohed and ahhed over our new home and it was really fun to see what caught their eye, and show them how our house doesn't just look nice, but is nice to the earth, too. Print this post

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