Friday, February 24, 2012

Project of the day: toddler robe rack

Unpacking is slow going. I'm really battling fatigue, which I suppose is to be expected after any move, but combine that with my TBI and weaning off one med, preparing for another, and getting treatment for my chronic headaches today makes this girl one very tired, but happy camper. 

This morning started very early, with D in our bed at 4am. Fortunately, he fell asleep again (with us) and slept til 6:45am, which was when I needed to get up for my neuro appointment. Yawn...

After I was done, I stopped at Target (yet again) to pick up some shower curtain hooks for today's project: a robe rack for D.

When D's bathroom was finished, he had a robe rack like this:

D doesn't use bath towels yet. He uses hooded robes for now. Since we are still waiting for the shelves in his linen closet, I was trying to think of how I could hang up all the robes that were bunched in a ball in the bottom of the closet. I didn't really want to put a permanent low robe hook in the wall.

I saw these at Target, and thought they would do the trick.

I picked these because they were hooks, not rings, so there would be something to which the robe could attach. Also because they were cheaper than other options, at $6.99.

I can't find the exact ones I bought on Target's website, but they look like this, in chrome:
Modern Home Powder Coated Bronze Shower Hooks.
I also liked these:

And if D were with me, we probably would have gone with these:
It took all of thirty seconds to put the hooks on the towel bar and hang up his robes. The great thing is that now they are low enough of D to reach himself.
I love easy fixes!

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