Thursday, February 16, 2012

Open House Day!

What a wonderful, exciting, exhausting day. I took a quick visit to the house this morning and snapped a few pictures. Tonight was the open house. It was almost emotional to see the house all clean and with all the protective papers gone. A friend came over to take some pictures as Niels and I were getting ready for the open house. I look forward to seeing them because I didn't get a chance to take any pictures tonight. It was BUSY! We're thinking we probably had about a hundred people tour the house tonight! It was really fun showing people around and answering questions. But I am WIPED!

Tomorrow is the final inspection and energy audit. Niels will head down with the camera to cover that and get some finished pictures. I get to watch the kiddo and pack the apartment up. Saturday is moving day!!!

The extra part of the driveway was trimmed:

The handheld showers were installed today. The glass should come tomorrow.

The mirrors went up in our master bathroom. I love the way our bathroom turned out.

I forgot to take pictures of the touch-activated recycling center. This was one of my big designs.

The bottom has larger bins for trash and recyclables. The top tray is for paper recycling.
 Side view:
 Closed recycling center.

Only photos from the open house. Niels set up one of our TVs with our blog up for visitors to check out.

We made a couple dozen little signs to post around the house explaining the different universal design (purple cards), energy efficient (blue) and earth-friendly (green) choices we made.

D really liked this one and gave it a big kiss.

Thanks to all who came tonight. And a big thanks to Charis for building our dream home! Print this post

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