Saturday, February 11, 2012

Dinette Chandy. I Love it!

Several months ago, when Niels and I were watching more HGTV than is healthy, I kept seeing this capiz shell chandelier:

It took awhile to figure out where it came from, but at long last, I discovered that it was the West Elm Large Rectangle Capiz Shell Pendant. And thus began my love affair with West Elm. It was more than we paid for our previous dining room fixture, but not nearly as expensive as some others we had been checking out, so it became our first fixture purchase.

After months of sitting in the Charis' model, the two boxes finally got moved to our dinette at the end of January. I had heard that it was a bit of a bear to put together, so I was curious to see what our electrician, Jim Duffie thought.

This should have been my first clue. When Jim was in his flurry of fixture-hanging, I was tickled to see it finally up. But...the shells were still packaged. 

When I asked Jim about it, he said that he was going to wait to unwrap the shells until after the shoes around the baseboards were in. But then, after the shoes were in, they shells remained in their protective plastic.

After Niels' morning at the house, he started unwrapping a few and we learned why Jim wasn't in a hurry. There must be more than 200 strands of capiz shells!

So I started unwrapping.
 And unwrapping...

Until i had one side done. That motivated me to keep going...

 Until more than an hour later, when I got to the last one.

The big moment.

Whew! That was time-consuming!
 But wow! So worth it!

That's one full bag of plastic wrappers!

I LOVE the way the light looks reflected in the transom window.
 With flash.

I am SO happy with how it looks!

So, who's going to be our first dinner guest? Print this post

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