Thursday, February 2, 2012

Lights, Appliances, Door Levers and Oopses.

Made a quick stop at the house today after MOPs to see what was going on. Jim was hard at work with the lights. The dinette chandelier is up, though we'll wait to let the capiz shell strands down until after all the trim work is done in there. We don't want anyone breaking anything.
Oops. Someone forgot to check the photo settings.
Wonder how long it will take to unwrap all these strands?
This is what the West Elm Capiz Shell Pendant will look like with the strand unwrapped. Two thoughts: 1) HouseofHepworths is really cool blog. 2) West Elm has this fixture on sale for much less than we paid for it. Bummer for us.
The in-law lights are all in now:
The main light is another Casablanca Claremont from Tuesday Morning.  We need to replace these candelabras with CFL daylight bulbs.
Another Maxim Malibu light for the in-law closet. We put the four-light flush mount here, which is makes it quite bright. The three-light would have worked well. But, we just read that as we age we need 30% more light, so I'm sure we'll appreciate the light as we age.
Upstairs, the light above the tub was installed.
And we're getting closer to having our master vanity lights up. The electrical set up was a little off so Jim had to make an adjustment. (oops #1)

Oops #2 gave me a slight heart attack:
What's wrong with this picture?
Turns out that our appliance vendor sent the wrong size microwave drawer. The Sharp drawer version is available in 24" and 30" versions. We ordered a 24" and received a 30". After collecting my jaw from the floor, I took a picture to send to Niels, MAS was quick to make it right. Our 24" microwave drawer will arrive on Monday. Crisis averted.

At least the ovens went in without issue. I think the black looks just fine with the dark cabinets. We just could pass up the bargain of a top-of-the-line clearance oven in black for less than a middle-of-the-line oven in stainless. 

The Jenn-Air convection oven has dehydrating and proofing functions, plus an internal thermometer.
3-year-old floor model + this teeny tiny scratch = $2,000 off a double oven we'd only dream about at full retail.
The pantry freezer was unwrapped and put on the move-alls. It'll be slid into place after the feet of the baseboards is put in the pantry this weekend. The freezer is larger than I thought in person. I'm going to love the space, but I'm also happy that we aren't finishing the pantry right away. Now we'll have a few months to see how we really use it and then have Joe put the custom shelving in.

Finally, Chris has been busy installing our door levers.

Tomorrow is an exciting day: my quartz countertops finally go in. Really!

Move-in day is 16 days away! Print this post

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