Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 Trunk Show

In the spring of 2013, as my son finished pre-school, I found a hobby: quilting. I made 14 quilts my first year. This is my virtual trunk show of my earliest work. 

Quilt #1 | Thomas the Train Rag Quilt

The quilt that started it all. My then-four-year-old saw some Thomas the Train fabric and asked if I would make him a quilt.

Quilt #2 | Marissa's Striped Heart

In 2013, when I made my first quilt, our Dutch daughter was staying with us as part of her exchange year. I had to make her a quilt, too. Man oh man, did I ever do things the hard way. Look at those stripes and consider that I didn't know about cutting strips yet!

Quilt #3 | E is for Eli

A friend had a new baby so I wanted to try another rag quilt, but this time I knew how to cut squares out of strips. This was also my first time using minky.

Quilt #4 | Amy's Zero

A friend from Michigan had a stroke so I took the opportunity to give her something soft to cuddle with as she recovered, and thank God, she did!

Quilt #5 | Hello Kitty

My first sew-along was this quilt by All People Quilt. I gifted this quilt to my niece, Lindsey.

Quilt #6 | M is for Molly

After Lindsey's quilt, I had to make a quilt for my other niece, Molly. She shares my love of purple.

Quilt #7 | L is for Luke

When our neighbor had a new baby boy, I used the opportunity to try out a quilt design I liked.

Quilts #8 | Naps in Space

The kiddo's train obsession has left the station. Enter the space age. And pre-k. Time for a special space quilt for nap time.

Quilt #9 | Gramma's Irish Chain 

This very special quilt was made for my Irish gramma near the end of her life. It was my first photo quilt. I made it for her when she moved into an assisted living home in Wisconsin. I put minky on the back to keep her warm, but she had it hung on her wall so she could show everyone who visited the people she loved. When her time came, the quilt was taken down and wrapped around her. It covered her when she passed.

Quilt #10 | Michele's Kick Cancer

When I learned that my friend Michele was facing cancer, I made this quilt to keep her warm during her treatments.

Quilt #11 | Turning 20

After ten quilts, I decided I knew enough to start participating in my church's quilting ministry. One volunteer makes kits, so I started with this red turning 20 quilt.

Quilt #12 | Olivia's Elephants

A friend from my MOPS group had a little girl so I made her this quilt with elephant fabric.

Quilt #13 |  I Spy Checkers

My son had a very special teacher for pre-k. I made her this reversible quilt for Christmas. It is an I Spy quilt on one side, and a checker/chess board on back.

Quilt #14 | Niels' Citizenship Quilt

My first BIG quilt was a gift to my husband as he became an American (and Dutch) citizen.

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  1. Heartwarming. I enjoyed reading each of the short stories about your first year of quilting. You have a very generous heart.

  2. I loved seeing your quilting progression!

  3. This is the perfect set of quilts for a beginner! Each is more wonderful than the next. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.

  4. What a fun quilt show. Thanks for sharing with Moving it Forward.

  5. Thank you for sharing your early quilts from 2013, didn't you do well! And so nice to read the story behind each one.


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