Thursday, August 23, 2018

2014 Trunk Show

Quilt #15 | Not a Tree Skirt Quilt

This project started out as a tree skirt, but ended up a quilt. Click the link above to find out why.

Quilt #16 | Lucky Lachlan

This special baby quilt was made from scraps from Gramma Ann's Irish Chain Memory quilt. Gramma Ann was able to meet her new great-grandson son shortly before she passed.

Quilt #17 | Jeffrey's Blocks

I bought the blue heart fabric in this quilt during my shopping trip in Utrecht, Netherlands. The quilt was made for a sweet baby boy born to a mom in my MOPs group.

Quilt #18 | Da Bears

How much does this auntie love her nephew? So much that she set aside her Viking love to make a BEARS quilt for him.

Quilt #19 | Patriotic Plus

This quilt was the first patriotic quilt I made for our local quilting group. It was gifted to vet here in Ohio.

Quilt #20 | Rafael's Heart
This quilt is a different kind of patriotic, made for a little one born to a Columbian dad and American mom.

Quilt #21 | Piper's Maple Leaves

2014 was a fruitful year for my friends. This is another baby quilt, this one a Canadian friend's baby girl.

Quilts #22 & 23 | Sew It Forward

On January 4, 2014, my childhood home, and current home of my dad and stepmom, was destroyed by fire. When I posted about the fire and my desire to make a quilt for my dad, quilter friends from around the world asked if they could send blocks. They sent so many blocks that I had enough to make quilts for not only my dad and stepmom, but also for my brother Jake, who was living with them at the time of the fire. The little group of quilters who helped me make these quilts are still actively making quilts for fire victims as part of the  (larger) Facebook group, Sew It Forward.

Quilt #24 | Sew It Forward Jake

For many reasons, it took much longer to finish my brother Jake's quilt. It was an exercise in perseverance, for sure!

Quilt #25 | Purple Mess

Everyone has a least favorite quilt. This is mine.

Quilt #26 | Green Illusion

At the same time I made the Purple Mess above, I also made this Green Illusion. I don't know how two quilts could turn out so differently.

Quilt #27 | Divided in Football, United in Love

Quilt #28 | Love Chain

The story of this quilt is doubly hard. Both for the original recipients and the little girl who ultimately received it.

Quilt #29 | Abrahm's Packers
Another sports-themed quilt. This one went to the son of a longtime friend.

Quilt #30 | Always a Buckeye
The family that gave me my first home in Ohio moved out of state, I made a little Ohio to make the move with them.

Quilts #31, #32, and #33 | Griffin Trio
A set of quilts to welcome a friend's newborn twins, and a big girl quilt for big sister.

Quilt #34 | Train Tracks

Quilt #35 | Bob's Up Memory Quilt

Quilt #36 | Avocado Ties

Quilt #37 | Mom's Western Scrabble

Quilt #38 | Patriotic Explosion

Quilt #39 | AJ's Happy Pinwheels

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