Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Quilt #60 :: O-H I Love The Kauffmans

We live in Ohio, where fall is focused on football. We have NFL teams here in Ohio, but it doesn't take long to realize that that real football team most sports fans follow is the Ohio State Buckeyes. When I made the Always a Buckeye quilt for the Price family, I had a lot of requests for additional Buckeye quilts. 
As a rule, I don't do quilts on commissions. There are many quilters who do, and I am happy to send them business. For me, quilting on a deadline or with expectation is stressful and takes the joy out of the art for me. My "to do queue" is more than a hundred quilts long so even though I make a lot of quilts, it may take quite for a quilt to make its way from idea to delivery.  I like the freedom to work on whatever inspires me at the moment. It's fun for me to post sneak peeks of my quilts and have friends try to guess who the recipient might be. 

I sometimes joke with Niels about who might is "quilt worthy." If someone shows sincere appreciation for the quilts I made, there's a good chance that somewhere in the back of mind, I'm thinking of a quilt for them. 

The Kauffman family fit into this category. Niels and I met Matt and Jen Kauffman and their kiddos early in our marriage when we were in a small group together. 

It doesn't take much time with Matt and Jen before you learn of their love for the Buckeyes. For a few years I dabbled in craft shows to sell my fidget bracelets and a few other small quilted items. I made a couple of Ohio State baby quilts. Since I had the fabric out and had the Buckeyes on my mind, I made a lap quilt for the Kauffmans. 

This is an easy quilt to assemble. Thank you, Ohio State, for a simple helmet design!
I used my Silhouette Cameo to make the Ohio-shaped label.

I used a blanket stitch to attach the label. Even though it is reversed, I like the Ohio state outline it made on the front of the quilt.

Cheers to good friends!

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Quilt #118 :: Max's Robot

First, a moment of silence for the long-detailed blog I wrote about this quilt that I accidentally deleted. *Deep Breath* Exhale.....Okay, let's try again.

For the last six years, my son D has attended a fantastic community choice school with a focus on STEM and project-based learning. (Community choice is similar to a private public school. No tuition!). One of many reasons I love this school is that it is small enough that the students (and teacher) stay together for multiple years. 

One of D's best buddies for the last few years is Max. I met Max's mom, Nikki, one day while our kids were at the Y for swim lessons. Usually I keep my eyes on my phone--and occasionally D--during lessons, but Nikki started chatting me up and I'm so glad she did. She was looking for a school for her kids, so I was happy to tell her about ours. By the next fall, her kids joined D and Nikki became one of my best friends. 

Last year, Nikki coached our school's first Destination Imagination team. DI is an international competition in which students solve challenges. For our challenge, the team made a robot that navigated through a maze.

Shortly after our team competed in regionals, Nikki announced their upcoming move to Houston. It's not often that we find families where the moms, dads, and kids are all friends so we were very bummed. I'm glad for D's sake that we live in an age of technology where a cross-country move doesn't mean two friends can't stay connected.

Earlier this year, Max's sister Caroline needed a wheelchair due to some issues with her knee. I made her a Harry-Potter-themed wheelchair quilt

I gifted Nikki my newly-complete Wayward Transparency quilt. 

As soon as we learned that the Pauley's were moving to Houston, we made plans to attend the International Quilt Festival. And I had a deadline to finish a quilt for Max. I knew immediately which quilt I would make for him. 

The pattern is called "Does Not Compute." It was designed by Boo Davis of Quiltsryche and included in her awesome book Dare to be Square.

Boo is not your gramma's quilter. She is irreverent and her quilts are influenced by heavy metal. I first discovered her when I found her Bangover quilt, which inspired my Tool quilt. I bought her book a while back and have been waiting for the right time to make one of her patterns. The "Does Not Compute" pattern is a perfect way to remember our DI team with its robot and maze.

The only change I made to the pattern was to personalize it with Max's name in the center of the robot.

Originally, I made the name in blue, but it didn't show very well. 

It's never fun to replace blocks once a quilt top is pieced, but it was the right call. I also had a second chance to fix the X that I wasn't 100% satisfied with the first time.

Because Max and D are two peas in a pod, I knew that he would appreciate soft minky on the back. I ordered extra wide minky online and crossed my fingers that the shade of blue I picked would work. I think it does.

I've started doing my labels a little differently. Instead of using printable fabric, I've been cutting Kona White fabric into 8.5" x 11" pieces that I iron onto freezer paper. I design the label on my computer and, stabilized with the freezer paper, print the fabric. I find that the labels are much softer this way than they are with the printable fabric. I also use Steam a Seam Lite rather than Heat N Bond
for the same reason.

I fold the edges of the label under, then attach the Steam-A-Seam. I love that I can reposition the label before pressing it down. I topstitch it to keep it in place.

As always, D slept with Max's quilt to add the last bit of love into it.

All ready for Quilt Festival shopping and a very special quilt delivery.

Max is such a great kid. I love him so much. He has a wonderful attitude of gratitude. He is every quilter's dream recipient because of his joyful appreciation of gifts. I'm so glad I was there to see his reaction.

D was so excited to see his friend get his quilt. What a great way for these friends to stay connected.

To see more pictures of this quilt in progress, look for #MaxsRobotQuilt on Instagram. To see what I'm currently working on, please follow me at deJongDreamHouse.

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Sunday, November 4, 2018

One Monthly Goal :: November 2018

Wowza! Where did this year go? I just realized I have been doing One Monthly Goals for two years next month. Seems like I just started! For November, I have a very special goal. I'm making a baby quilt for my youngest sister Liz, who is expecting her first baby in January. I'm selfishly hoping I'll have a little birthday buddy, but I will be thrilled with a safe delivery and a healthy baby, too!

My absolute favorite picture from Liz and Chris' wedding is this one, with the young nieces and nephews. D is on the right, apparently roaring like a lion.

Chris & Liz's last name is Burd, so my wedding gift to them with a Love Burd quilt. (This is yet another quilt from 2014 that I never wrote about so I'm glad for the opportunity to share here. More details on this one coming soon-ish).

I have an idea for the design of the baby quilt, but I'm not completely set on it. Liz loves elephants, so I'm thinking there will be elephants and birds on it. We are leaving for Quilt Festival in Houston in a few days. I'm sure I will find lots of inspiration there!

June 2017 - no goal

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