Friday, January 1, 2016

Welcome 2016!

As I type this, I am enjoying a very low-key New Years Eve with my boys. It's been pretty quiet here on the blog for the last few months. My TBI has been kicking my behind and I have been limping through the end of the year. On the plus side, I have survived another round of Thanksgiving/Sinterklaas/birthday/Christmas craziness. 

In my pre-TBI days, I spent the last days of year reflecting on what I had accomplished and making goals for the new year. For the last decade or so, I have skipped the resolutions and focused instead on a single word.

For 2016, I am trading in my word for a phrase: do what you can, where you can, when you can. It's my paraphrase of Teddy Roosevelt's quote," Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." I think it covers the full spectrum of got-my-stuff-together days to can't-get-out-of-bed days. It's motivation for good days and grace for rough days. And every day, it's about making the most of what I have. 

So, tipping my hat to my list-loving days, here's what I hope this phrase means to me in 2016:
  • update the blog more often, even if the post is short and sweet!
  • enjoy more tech free evenings with my boys
  • give away (at least) 2016 things as I declutter the house
  • bring back no-spend Wednesday
  • make quilts for babies, friends, and those in need
  • take more naps
  • open our guest room to old and new friends around the world
  • have more friends over for dinner and game nights
  • create blessing bags
  • try new healthy recipes
  • savor my favorite sweets
  • get back into an exercise routine
  • skip workouts when my brain is not up for it
  • take walks with my family
  • snuggle with my son whenever he lets me
  • read with learners at my son's school
  • feel free to stay home
  • give money
  • give gifts
  • give time
  • give affection
  • give grace
Happy New Year!

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