Wednesday, January 30, 2019

2019 Trunk Show

2019 marks my sixth year of quilting. I'm hoping to finish up my UFOs this year and make lots of scrappy quilts so my bins will close! I'm continuing my goal of using my stash as much as possible. And of course, I'm working on an epic brain injury temperature quilt to honor my 15th year as a brain injury survivor. You can read more about my goals for the year on this post.

And now, here are my 2019 finishes.

My first finish of the year was completed during a rare snowstorm in Ohio. It makes me giggle because this mermaid is for my niece in Minnesota. I think maybe she was protesting!

Quilt #122 :: Buckeye Bricks

My second finish of the year is my first comfort quilt of the year. My buckeye brick quilt is going to a kindergartner at a local school.

Quilt #123 :: Beauty and Brains

My trio of quilts for my youngest nieces is completed with this quilt for my sister's youngest, Millie. 

Quilt #124 :: Purple Abacus

2019 is the year of finishing my UFOs. This quilt is the result of my first quilting bee. On my month I chose the abacus block made with light and dark prints. This quilt went to a local kindergartner who chose it out of about 50 quilts my local quilting group made for the class.

Quilt #125 :: Mrs. Miller's Steinway

When I am old and gray, this will probably remain one of my favorite quilts. I had a lot of fun making it, it turned out better than I envisioned, and it was such a thrill to be able to take photos at the Steinway gallery.

I strayed a little bit from the theme of this year's Project Linus mystery quilt to make it more gender-neutral than the flower theme. I hope the little boy or girl who ends up with it feels all the love I put into it.

Quilt 127 :: Long Arm Minnie

This is a simple quilt compared to most I've made recently, but a panel with borders was the perfect design for my first attempt at quilting on a longarm.

Quilt 128 :: Big Lake Blooms

I started this quilt in 2017, aka the year of social quilting. I couldn't have known then how perfect it would be for a fundraiser in my hometown, where the school colors are blue and gold. The muted colors, along with the gray, are fitting for the tragic house fire that took two toddlers too soon.

Quilt 129 :: Theo's Milestones

This is the third quilt I've made on my original milestone quilt. I took extra good notes with this soon so I can finally write up the pattern.

Quilt 130 :: Omigolly Miss Jennifer

This quilt was more than two years in the making. I knew that I wanted our school secretary's quilt to have pieces from all 12 school quilts I made. The pattern is a super-sized version of Sue Garman's Omigosh pattern and includes more than 2800 pieces!

Quilt #131 :: Coded Thank You

My last school quilt for the a staff member of D's elementary school is a working QR quilt for the technology teacher. I also used binary code on the border and Morse code on the binding.

Quilt #132 :: Hannah's Good Fortune

When Bonnie Hunter announced that her 2019 mystery quilt was called Good Fortune and inspired by her trip to China, I knew mine would be gifted to my goddaughter Hannah, who was born in China. China is a special place to me because it was in China, visiting Hannah and her family, that I decided that I wanted to marry Niels, and my life has been filled with good fortune since making that decision.

By far, the hardest quilts to make are memory quilts. This quilt was made for the mom of one of D's birthday buddies who lost the love of her life way too soon. I didn't get to meet Mike this side of heaven, but he was truly a hero to many.

As D's elementary friends have moved on to different middle schools, I am slowly making friendship quilts for those who have made his early school years so wonderful. J and D have been besties since kindergarten. I love J because  he is silly, sweet, polite, and kind.

Quilt #135 :: Hidden Gems of Menlo

In November, I was asked to donate a quilt for our new school's winter benefit. I looked at my UFOs and felt motivated to finish my Hidden Gems quilt. The blocks were made by the members of my 2018 quilting bee, the Lola Swarm. The name is a fitting one for a school of kids who are going to change the world!

Quilt #136 :: Zipped

My final finish of the year was started back in 2014 as one of my first quilts. It sat too long in one of my UFO bins. I'm happy I was able to finish it in time to send home with one of our University of Akron "sons." Go Zips!

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