Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Quilt #124 :: Purple Abacus

My 124th finish was more than a year in the making. In the fall of 2016, I decided to join an online quilting bee organized by Blossom Heart Quilts. I was placed in a group with 11 other quilters and we gave ourselves the name The Lovely Bee. Each one of us chose a month and a block. The block I chose is called Abacus

Here are some of the other blocks I made for the others when it was their turn to be Queen Bee. 

I chose August when I was on vacation. It was pretty fun to come home to squishy mail from around the country. Our group decided to send a little something extra with each block. Here are a few of my favorites. 

After I received all my blocks, life happened and I worked on other quilts. 

In January, I made a list of all the UFOs I could think of as part of Quilting Jet Girl's Planning Party. I want to see how many I can finish this year. Hopefully putting them in a list to compare to next January will motivate me!

The final push for this quilt was the announcement of the day when our local group would deliver quilts to a full grade of kindergarters at a local school. It's one of my favorite days because there are few things better than watching a child be surprised with a gift of a quilt. Totally makes me day!

Once the blocks were put together, it was the perfect size for a baby quilt, but I wanted it a little bigger for a lap quilt. 

For the quilting, I echoed along the white chevrons to make the purple abacus pop. 

I finished the night before our distribution. Just in time to let D finish the most important step. Product testing and adding his love to the quilt. 

Yesterday the quilt joined 50 others to be chosen by its new owner. 

I can't share photos of the little learners or the sweet girl who chose my quilt, but let me assure you that she adorable and her big smile is the reason I quilt. 

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  1. What a beautiful quilt and I'm your smiling girl will love it!!

  2. I love this idea that a class of kindergartners get to choose a quilt from piles of them. What a beautiful way to use a beautiful quilt!

  3. That is so amazing! What a joy to see that little girl grab your quilt! It's also a beautiful quilt in purple!

  4. Your Purple Abacus quilt is beautiful. How wonderful to fashion a quilty hug for a child. I can just imagine how wide that smile of the little girl was. How fun to have children choose their favourite quilt. It is the stuff of beautiful stories.

  5. Oh my gosh -- what a WONDERFUL way to literally wrap a child with love! I love the "product testing," and YES, I too love the SQUISHY MAIL! :-)

  6. Oh, product testing is a great idea. Beautiful quilt that I'm sure will be loved! Thanks for linking up to What I Made Monday.

  7. What a fun pattern. I love the purple.

  8. How could she resist? Purple is my girl's favorite and mine too! Love, love this quilt. Thanks for sharing it on Wednesday Wait Loss.


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