Thursday, March 8, 2018

Grandma's Kitchen, block #23, That One Item

Block #23 of Pat Sloan's Grandma's Kitchen sew along is a That One Thing, a free choice topic. I've been waiting for this one. Anyone who knew my Gramma Ann knew of her love for Betty Boop!

I'm not sure why Gramma loved Betty so much. Mom thinks maybe it's because she was so popular when Gramma was a young woman. I do know that she liked to draw her.

Throughout her life, Gramma was gifted with all sorts of Betty Boop collector items.

Two of my aunts found a large paper mache Betty in New Mexico.

Ms. Boop made the move from Arizona to Wisconsin with Gramma for the last years of her life. Here she is watching Gramma open up the memory quilt I made for her.

Gramma hung my quilt up on the wall for all her visitors to see. And Betty got dressed up for St. Patrick's day.

Family would often send her pictures of Betty as we found her on our travels.

Personally, my favorite Betty Boop find is this one.

Friday, March 2, 2018

March 2018 One Monthly Goal

March is really coming in like a lion here in Ohio. After temps in the 60s early this week, we woke up to about 4 inches of snow this morning. Perfect day for staying inside to quilt!

On my radar this month is my One Monthly Goal for Elm Street Quilts.  My overall goal for 2018 is to finish all the quilt alongs and social quilting projects I participated in last year. This month, my goal is to finish my On Ringo Lake mystery quilt by Bonnie Hunter. 

Last year was my first year participating in Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt. Bonnie is a master of scrappy and since my scrap bins are overflowing, I now look forward to participating each year. 

Last year's quilt was called En Provence. Here is my finished quilt. 

Last year I followed Bonnie's color suggestions, but I loved seeing other participant's variations. This year I decided to venture on my own.

So hopefully this stack of blocks will be turned into a finished quilt by the end of the month!

February 2018 - Grandma's Kitchen complete!
January 2018 - Project Linus complete!
June 2017 - no goal

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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

February 2018 One Monthly Goal Update

OMG indeed! I finished my February One Monthly Goal just in the nick of time. My goal for this month was to finish my Gramma's memory quilt, as inspired by Pat Sloan's sew along, Grandma's Kitchen. 

When I made the goal, I had completed all 25 blocks. I decided to use my own layout rather than following Pat's because I wanted to include Gramma's name and the years she lived. I had to make some of the blocks a little bigger as well as make all the letters and numbers. (I used Lori Holt's wonderful book, Spelling Bee).

I kept the quilting super simple, just straight lines. I'm not totally lovin' it, I had a total but mind block trying to figure out how to work around the appliqued blocks. (I'm a walking foot quilter. If I had the longarm I'm saving for, it might look a lot different!).

I do love the backing print thought. Joann is starting to carry more modern prints and I love the way this one feels. The front of the quilt is pretty colorful with all the things that symbolize Gramma, including some of her shirts, but the back is a nice bit of us both. It includes my favorite colors, purple, teal, and gray, and the design reminds me of the scrubbies she tried (and failed) to teach me to make, resulting in me turning to quilting instead of crochet. 

Each block tells a bit of her life story. I started writing about each block back in July of last year (2017) when I started this quilt. I still have the last few blocks to share, and at some point soon I will write a longer post about the whole quilt which is my ONE HUNDREDth quilt! 

Funny story, I would have been done with the quilt earlier had I no made the wrong year of her passing. I guess I was missing her and wishing I had that extra year. 

Previous Goal Updates:
June 2017 - no goal

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Elm Street Quilts

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Grandma's Kitchen, block #22: Pick a Posey

Block #22 of Pat Sloan's Grandma's Kitchen sew along! Today's block is Pick a Posey. 

Gramma loved flowers. Mom always made sure she had a poinsettia for Christmas and a lily for Easter. On Mother's day she would wear a corsage to Mass. And she loved getting flowers for her birthday. I asked Mom what her favorite flower was, and she told me roses. 

So I changed my posey block to a rose. At this point in the sew along, I knew I was going to change up Pat Sloan's final placement and needed all my blocks to be 12" squares, so I took some liberties with this block to make it a 12" rose block.

The "rose" in my block is actually a snail's trail. I used the very helpful tutorial by Walnut Street Quilts

In addition to cut flowers, Gramma also had a green thumb that did not get passed down to me. 

She had a huge garden in the backyard. 

Gramma with one of her Mother's day corsages, in the green blouse I used in the Wash Day and Glasses & Cups blocks. 

I think this may have been her last Mother's Day corsage. 

And finally, this picture is from the last time I saw Gramma. I was showing her pictures from her old house, and having her tell her stories and memories. I just noticed she has flowers on her coffee table. 

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Grandma's Kitchen block #21, Telephone Time

Only four more blocks left of Pat Sloan's Grandma's Kitchen sew along! Today's block is Telephone time. 

As you can see, I stayed with the general theme of the block, but I changed my phone to one that is more like I remember. I am old enough to remember rotary phones, but we were fancy and had touch buttons!

The other reason I switched up the block is because I had a new toy I wanted to play with: a Cricut Explore Air 2. I've been a Silhouette Cameo girl for the last several years, but I've been a little frustrated with it lately and decided to take advantage of a sale.

Another Silhouette user told me that the Cricut cutting mats work better than the Silhouette ones. That has been my experience too so I've already been using Cricut mats. On the left, I cut with my Cameo. With the right, I used the Cricut. There is a little bit of a learning curve, but I met a new local friend who walked me through my first design.

My Gramma Ann lived from 1921 to 2014. It's amazing to think of all the ways the world changed in her lifetime, especially in regard to technology. I love this picture of my son, then 3, showing her how to use his LeapPad, a kid-friendly tablet. 

Gramma never had a computer (or email or social media), but she loved getting phone calls from family. Whenever she greeted me, on the phone or in person, she would say, "Hi Doll!" My mom lived down the street from me for most of her later years. I remember her (mostly) patiently showing her how to use her new senior-friendly cell phone.

I'm so happy that I have a voicemail saved from her. The message makes me smile because she didn't realize that she was leaving a message so it's two minutes of her talking to herself trying to figure out my number and why the phone wasn't ringing. But most of all, I love that I can still hear her voice.

This block was one of a few appliqued blocks in the quilt. I've used it to work on my zigzag stitch.

The number pad was so tiny I used my smallest settings.

The applique will make quilting a little tricky, but I'll figure that out later. 

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Grandma's Kitchen, block #19: Mending Basket

I have a secret...I have finished all my blocks for Grandma's Kitchen! Before the big reveal--unless you've already seen it on my social media--I still have a few blocks to share.

The block above is number 19 of Pat Sloan's Grandma's Kitchen sew along, Mending Basket. 

I don't really remember Gramma Ann having a mending basket, but I'm sure she did. Like many of her peers who grew up in the years after the Depression, Gramma was a very thrifty person. She reused aluminum foil, baggies, and anything else she could. 

Gramma did a basket of scrubbies though. She loved crocheting these things. It wasn't Christmas if I didn't have a scrubbie in my stocking. She also sold them whenever she could find a buyer. 

The last time I visited her in her home in Arizona, she tried to teach me to crochet. All I made was a giant knot of netting so she gently suggested that I find another hobby. I made my first quilt shortly after I returned home. I bet she would be shocked to learn that this block is part of my 100th quilt!

One of the last big projects Gramma crocheted was a baby blanket for my son. She wasn't able to attend his dedication, but she sent the blanket with my mom so part of her was with us that day.

Three generations, with a nod to the fourth. 

It also makes an appearance in my favorite picture of D with my dad. 

It was the perfect lightweight blanket when D was little and it loved it well. So well that at one point it put a hole in it and I had to put in his memory box until I find someone who can repair it. 

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

#98 Wayward Transparency

It's getting pretty exciting here at the de Jong Dream House as I am closing in on my 100th quilt! Today I'm sharing my 98th finish. The pattern is Wayward Transparency by the uber talented Quilting Jet Girl, Yvonne Fuchs.  Yvonne hosted a quilt along over the past several months and I am so happy with how it turned out! In fact, at this point, I think I may actually keep this one for myself!

I've been trying to use up my stash for my social quilting projects like this one. I didn't mean to use the same tones as Yvonne, but when I pulled out the white and teal print on the right in the photo below, I knew that I had to use it for the backing. 

For this particular quilt, it was important to have dark, medium, and light values so I made my photo black and white to confirm my choices.

The actual assembly was quite easy, but since it isn't my pattern, I'll leave those photos out. At the moment, you can still find directions from the quilt along on Yvonne's site, If it isn't there when you read this post, please visit her Craftsy page to find her patterns. 

I used my go-to spiral for the quilting. It's a way to practice stitch regulation without a stitch regulator.

I finished it at night, just as my favorite quilt tester was going to bed. 

He approves!

Thank you, Yvonne, for sharing your awesome pattern!

To see more pictures of this project, check the hashtag #djtransparencyquilt on Instagram.  You can also see other versions of the quilt using the hashtag #waywardtransparencyqalYou can see what I'm currently working on by following me at deJongDreamHouse.

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