Friday, May 31, 2019

Quilt #129 :: Theo's Milestone Quilt

We are t-minus 10 days from moving into the Lake house and t-minus 5 days of D's elementary school career. Lots of crazy going on around here. I'm checking lists of lists of lists to try to keep everything straight!

One pressing item is my list of quilts to finish in my current craft room before I settle into my new studio. I try not to look at it or the packing will never get done! 

Today I'm sharing a milestone quilt I made for a special couple. Six years ago, my nervous boy was warmly welcomed by his pre-K teacher Miss Anne.

This year, as a fourth grader, Miss Anne's husband Mr. Reiman is his principal. 

The first teacher quilt I ever made went to Miss Anne. It is an I Spy/Checkers quilt.

When their first child was born, I made Charlie's Choo Choo for him.

And now Charlie is a big brother. I had been wanting to make another milestone quilt because I have had a few requests for my original pattern. I was able to take some careful notes and will be looking for pattern testers once we are settled in the Lake House and I have caught my breath!

This is the third milestone quilt I've made. The first two also went to staff members at D's school. 

The original one went to D's dance teacher.

The second one went to a teacher of another hub (multi-age classroom). D's school is very small, so even though Mrs. Weaver didn't teach D directly, they know each other well. 

D's doll, Mark Watney, still pulls modeling duty when baby quilts are ready to be delivered. 

I'm still playing around with fabric placement. Each of the quilts I've made is slightly different, but I think I will include a coloring sheet with the pattern so quilters can decide how they want to vary the design.

This is a pretty easy quilt to put together, unless you are moving and renovating a new house at the same time! I wanted to make a version in shades of blue, and chose two directional prints (plus a directional backing). Nothing like to doing things the hard way.

Because I'm only working in small bits of time between everything else, I got my prints confused and ended up having to redo all my number blocks. Uff da!

Ultimately, it all came together, and baby Theo will have his quilt before his one month milestone. The idea for the quilt as I saw all the ways new parents showed their baby's monthly (or yearly) growth. I've seen monthly pictures with the same stuffed animals, with stickers or special onesies, with chalkboard and letter boards and all sorts of different ways. 

At the same time, I've seen lots of alphabet quilts, but number quilts aren't nearly as popular. Because Miss Anne is a preschool teacher, I love the idea of her having a quilt to teach numbers as well as to mark Theo's milestones. 

With the other two quilts, I made a taggy frame to indicate the milestone.

This time I decided to give a frame I found at Joann. 

Then I found this cute billboard with dry erase on one side and chalk board on the other.

And then, I was at Target and found this cute arrow... to these adorable little socks!

So, I'm going to give them options!

As always, D slept with the quilt to make sure there was lots of extra love in it.

And finally, for the label, I couldn't resist using the precious photo of Theo as the background.


Isn't this the cutest?

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  1. You are a kind and generous quilter, Jen!! The number quilt will be a great way to celebrate milestones for Baby Theo.

  2. How fabulous! You have such a gift for dreaming up the perfect quilt design to bless each recipient. Little Theodore looks so proud of himself in that last photo -- precious!

  3. What a great idea for a baby quilt. And those socks!!! Love!

  4. Such precious gifts, you are very talented. I love the train quilt, and the sweet Theodore number quilt too!

  5. This is an incredible idea. Any parent would love to have this quilt to mark the monthly milestones.

  6. Adorable! So cute for recording the changes in a new baby. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.

  7. Just reading this for the first time!! Love it and we love his quilt! Thank you again!!


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