Thursday, June 27, 2019

Quilt #127 :: Long Arm Minnie

I should be getting my new sewing studio set up, but it's a rather overwhelming mess, so I will procrastinate a little long to share one more quilt I finished before we left the Dream House.

A while back, I bought several panels on sale with the idea that they would make good practice quilts whenever I got a longarm.

For my birthday in January, the boys bought me longarm lessons at my local quilt shop. Carol teaches on a Handiquilt Avante, so that's what I got to learn on.

Before my first lesson, I added a few borders to my panel to make it lap size. My first lesson was spent learning how to load the quilt (there are a lot of steps!). Then I got to play!

When I came back for my second lesson, I brought the Minnie panel. I used a solid black backing on it and loaded it on the machine with the batting. I didn't really think ahead to what I wanted to do, so i just jumped in, using the borders as my guide. 

I wouldn't usually use hot pink thread with black backing, but it showed my stitches very clearly, which was the goal. It isn't the prettiest of quilting, but I'm pretty happy with it as a first effort. I'm going to hold on to it for awhile as I improve my skill. It'll be nice to see improvement with each quilt. 

Eventually, when I feel better about my quilting, I'll find a new home for the quilt. I'm sure I'll be able to find a Minnie-loving girl who will love it despite my novice quilting.

D wasn't so keen on modeling with Minnie, thought he did do his part to sleep with it. 

Niels was also a reluctant model. 

He came around though, because love conquers all. 

Fortunately, our neighbor was a good sport. She may have a new quilt in her future.

I did take the opportunity to take a last set of quilt pictures on the back porch of the Dream House. (I'm still trying to figure out my go-to spot at the Lake House). 

From the back you can better see what I tried to do with each border. Apparently I lost the muscle memory of the heart doodles I wrote all over my elementary school papers!

For the panel itself, I outlined Minnie and eyeballed straight lines back and forth. I'm looking forward to learning how to use rulers!

But the best part of this process is that Carol, my LQS owner, called me and asked if I would be interested in buying the Avante because she was getting a new machine and needed to make  room. I happily said yes, especially after she agreed to hold it until we moved into the Lake House.

As I write this from the Lake House, we are surrounded by chaos. We are renovating the kitchen and created a family foyer. We also did a lot of painting and swapping light fixtures. In my new sewing studio, we changed lights, touched up the paint, and replaced the carpet with cork. It's hard to unpack with some of the most prominent rooms are under construction, but I'm slowly making progress. 

My new as-of-yet longarm is in her future home, just waiting to be assembled. 

Soon, my new friend, soon.

To find pictures of my progress on this quilt, as well as the setting up of my new studio check out #LongArmMinnie and #VesperViewStudio on Instagram. To see what I'm currently working on, including my 2019 Brain Injury quilt, follow me at deJongDreamHouse.

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  1. What FUN!! A new house AND a new longarm? Here's hoping you get settled soon!

  2. How EXCITING!! Congratulations! We used Handiquilter machines in the longarm workshops that I took at AQS Quilt Week in Paducah back in April and I was really impressed with them. Your Minnie quilt looks like a great start and the mouse ears on your husband... Well, let's just say THAT'S what LOVE looks like!! Good luck settling into your new abode and with this next chapter of your lives.

  3. Congratulations! We sell HQ at the store where I work and they are awesome. You'll love your Avante. Thanks for sharing your journey on Wednesday Wait Loss.

  4. What fun lessons to be taking! I love the idea of having panels to practice on too, and the Minnie quilt turned out great for being a practice quilt!

  5. Awww, your boys are the best, especially hubby, what a trouper! Your Minnie quilt is very happy and will bring a lot of joy to someone when the time comes.


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