Thursday, June 6, 2019

One Monthly Goal :: June 2019

Well friends, the end is near! We are just a few days from moving out of our beloved de Jong Dream House and into the de Jong Lake House. D has graduated from his beloved elementary school and Mom is already moved into the new house.

I am spending my last days in the Dream House packing and crying. I have loved it here. My OMG for June is to pack up my craft room. If you haven't seen it in it's glory, you can take a tour here.

This is what it's looks like this morning.

When we sold the house, I made a list of quilts I wanted to finish in this special room. When I'm done, the tally will be 126 quilts made here in just shy of six years. 

As much as I have enjoyed this space, I think I will LOVE my new space, Vesper View Studio. 

Since taking possession, we have replaced the carpet with cork, and painted the sunny yellow stripes on the wall Sherwin Williams Vesper Violet. We are replacing the can lights with 5000K daylight panels this week--I hope--and then I'm ready to move in! That may be next month's goal!

Back to packing!

To see more pictures of my progress, check out #VesperViewStudio on Instagram. To see what I'm currently working on, follow me at deJongDreamHouse.

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  1. Moving is always difficult! I can't imagine packing up my quilting room...that would be HORRIBLE!!! However, your new studio looks amazing!!

  2. Happy moving. Your wonderful large cutting table - is that Ikea units? Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck with your project!

    1. It is! I have a post about how I made it here:

  3. Moving is hard, but you have done well. Dismantling is not fun, but setting up the new studio will be! Good luck in with your OMG.

  4. All the best with the move. Looking forward to seeing what comes out of your new studio. xx


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