Thursday, January 10, 2019

Quilt #39 :: AJ's Happy Pinwheels

Is there anything more cheerful than pinwheels and polka dots? I made this quilt for my cousin's little guy when he was going through a rough season. While I live too far away to give him a hug, I hoped that a quilt would give him tangible evidence of the love so many have for him.

I'm especially excited to share this quilt because it is the last throwback quilt post. I am now done sharing my quilts from 2014.  Unfortunately, I really dropped the ball in 2015 and have another year of quilts to share! Uff da!

For the front, I chose varied polka dot prints, even the background. For the back, I used a bird print because AJ loves birds and can recognize the birds around his house by their songs.

The border isn't really a polka dot pattern, more of a hollow polka dot pattern. For the binding, I used strips of all the pinwheel polka dot prints.

This label is one of my favorites. This is the only time I've bordered the label with fabric from the front. I need to do that more.

The best part of going back and writing about these older quilts is seeing my little guy being so little!

I believe this was the last year before we bought our fancy artificial tree.

My Christmas present that year was seeing this picture of AJ sleeping under his quilt. 

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  1. Sweet!! The BEST affirmation of our quilting addiction. Picture proof that our loved ones LOVE our quilts!!!

  2. Jen, I adore your pinwheels. Polka dots have long been one of my favorite fabrics!

  3. It's fun to revisit the old favorites, so I'm glad you slacked off a bit in 2015. :) Looking forward to more throwbacks!

  4. A very well coordinated quilt - just lovely!

  5. Love those pinwheels! And yes, the dots really make this quilt. Most of all I love the photo of AJ sleeping under your quilt. Melts my heart. Thanks for linking to Wednesday Wait Loss.

  6. Your pinwheel quilt is fantastic. I love how crisp and clean those colors look against the white. And I do love a great polka dot fabric!

  7. Pinwheels are definitely cheerful. I hope this quilt continues to give pleasure. I like bordering labels with fabric from the front too.


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