Friday, October 26, 2018

Quilts #31, #32, and #33 :: Griffith Trio

The year was 2014. It was my first full year of quilting. And given the number of quilts that I did not post on this blog, it was also the year I too often choose quilting over writing. So now it is 2018 and I am going back and sharing my older quilts.

Today's post is about a trio of quilts I made for the children of friends from our church and Bible study. We met Lindsay and Steve shortly after our wedding, and one of the most common topics in our group was children: praying for the children we wished to have and wisdom for the children we were given. For most of the time we were in our group together, Lindsay and Steve were in the former group. 

At last, they welcomed a little girl, A. We were all thrilled for them. Then, a few years later, when I was a new quilter, they shared the news that they were having twins!

All babies need quilts. But twins? They definitely need quilts. I knew Lindsay was expecting a boy and a girl, so I started looking at patterns I could make in pink and blue. Looking through my notes, I see that I played with eight different patterns before deciding on the winner.

The winning pattern came from Making More With Less, who posted loads of patterns made with half square triangles. I was set on the idea of half square triangles, because they are made from splitting a square to make its own identifiable shape. Kind of a creative stretch, but a little insight into how my mind works when deciding on patterns!

Source: Making More with Less
It doesn't seem like I took many photos of these quilts in progress, but I took lots once they were finished. I love that my stocking-footed helper was the same age the twins are now!

You may have noticed from the initial photo that I made three quilts. I didn't want big sister to feel left out, so I made her a slightly bigger quilt in purple.

It was fun taking pictures of all three of them together.

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  1. Lovely quilts! Beautiful colors, I guess twins and sister are very happy ;)

  2. Thanks for documenting your three quilts - I like that you made one for the older child too, beides the twins. I like this pattern and printed it out to use in the future. Thanks for linking with Design Wall Monday.

  3. You've been busy with these - they look great!

  4. All three are gorgeous! Half square triangles have so many possibilities!

  5. I love how well the different colors all work together! Beautiful quilts and a great pattern!

  6. Seems like you really enjoyed the process, celebrating with such creative photos of the completed quilts! How thoughtful to include big sis in the process. I'm sure these quilts were well loved. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.

  7. What a fun set of quilts! I love how the prints contribute to the design and make each quilt stand out from the others.

  8. Beautiful. I love all three of these together!


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