Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Quilt #111 :: Dutch Canuck Quilt

Many moons ago, I made my 21st quilt, a maple leaf baby quilt for a Canadian friend. 

At the time, I was nervous about making the stem of the maple leaf. As it turned out, they were pretty simple. So I wouldn't forget how to make one, I made another maple leaf, in Dutch colors for a quilt I wanted to make for some other Canadian friends, the Vriends. 

For this quilt, I wanted to use both Canadian and Dutch flag colors. The Vriends are long time friends of Niels, who became my friends after Niels and I started dating. Joel was the best man at our wedding.

The Vriends share our Dutch ancestry and have the super appropriate Dutch last name that translates to friends. 

This block, along with left over fabric from Niels' citizenship quilt sat in a bin until this spring when their family of five made plans to visit us in July. Nothing like an impending visit to push a quilt to the top of my to do queue!

I didn't have a final design in mind when I made the initial block, and, as often happens, I made things up as I went along. I realized that if I swapped the blue and red, I could mimic the Canadian flag with the outside blocks.

For the back, I modified the Dutch flag using prints with Dutch tulips, rowhouses, and bikes. Of course, D had to sleep with the quilt to make sure it was filled with our love.

When the Vriends arrived, their quilt was waiting for them on their bed.

The quilt made a great excuse to get a family picture. 

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