Thursday, August 23, 2018

Quilt #21 :: Piper's Maple Leaves

Recently I wrote about my Dutch Canuck quilt, which I first imaged as I was working on a quilt in 2014. 

It reminded me that I have shared all of my quilts so I'm trying to go back and write a little bit about some of the quilts I've missed. 

Today I'm sharing Piper's Maple Leaves. 

I made this baby quilt for a Canadian friend's baby girl. Hard to believe this baby is already 4, almost the same age as my little guy when I made this quilt! Look how sweet he looks as he holds the doll to show how big Piper was when I made her quilt. 

I remember at the time being nervous to make the stems of the leaves. Turns out, they were pretty easy.

I was still growing in my confidence in straight line quilting. 

When her baby brother was born in 2016, I made a doll quilt for her and a taggie blanket for him out of scraps. 

And a Carpenter Star quilt for him (#56!) with similar prints.

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