Thursday, August 23, 2018

Quilt #21 :: Piper's Maple Leaves

Recently I wrote about my Dutch Canuck quilt, which I first imaged as I was working on a quilt in 2014. 

It reminded me that I have shared all of my quilts so I'm trying to go back and write a little bit about some of the quilts I've missed. 

Today I'm sharing Piper's Maple Leaves. 

I made this baby quilt for a Canadian friend's baby girl. Hard to believe this baby is already 4, almost the same age as my little guy when I made this quilt! Look how sweet he looks as he holds the doll to show how big Piper was when I made her quilt. 

I remember at the time being nervous to make the stems of the leaves. Turns out, they were pretty easy.

I was still growing in my confidence in straight line quilting. 

When her baby brother was born in 2016, I made a doll quilt for her and a taggie blanket for him out of scraps. 

And a Carpenter Star quilt for him (#56!) with similar prints.

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  1. Great colors in these quilts. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  2. The soft lime and blue are a wonderful combination. I too often think of maple leaf blocks in autumn colors but of course they are green for many months out of the year!

  3. Very pretty quilts. Love the colors.

  4. Piper is so precious wrapped up in her Maple Leaf Quilt! I love that you were even able to use scraps to make quilts for her doll and little brother. I'm sure they will be treasured over the years. And man, how time does fly.

  5. I love that the brother and sister have quilts in the same colors! So perfect. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.

  6. The maple leaves are such a great fall project.

  7. You have truly explored this colour scheme! I love these colours together - all of these projects have the same freshness about them.

  8. What a lovely quilt and that baby is so precious wrapped up in it!


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