Thursday, September 13, 2018

Quilt #17 :: Jeffrey's Blocks

We are continuing my trip down quilt memory lane. I am revisiting my early quilts and finally writing posts about them.

My 17th quilt was another baby quilt. 2014 was the last year I was involved with MOPS as my son was in school and I had discovered quilting to fill my days. My friend Emily, who I knew from MOPS, was the godsend who told us about the AMAZING school that D would end up attending the next six years. In 2014, her son Jeffrey was born. He and his mom are definitely quilt worthy.

I bought the blue heart fabric in the Netherlands at the Utrecht fabric market. I was saving it for something special. 

I was young and uninformed when I made this quilt. I found the pattern on Pinterest and reverse engineered the pattern. I learned when writing this post that the blog from which I liked the sample quilt has been taken down. A Google image search led me to Ana Crafts, who does have an English-version of her pattern Manta Bebe Squares available. 

It's fun to see how my craft room has evolved. I now have a full wall of IKEA Trofast storage bins. 

This is a great pattern to show off a favorite print. I chose it because of the plus-style crosses that emerge when you focus on the grays.

We had a fresh blanket of snow the morning I gave the quilt to Emily and Jeffrey.

I mimicked the cross pattern with the label.

 Fun fact, the next year I made another quilt for Jeffrey's little brother, Jonah: 

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