Sunday, September 2, 2018

Quilt #12 :: Olivia's Elephants

I made this baby quilt back in 2013--five years ago! I am happy to report that with this post, I will have (finally!) shared all fourteen quilts I made the first year I started quilting. You can check out my 2013 virtual trunk show here, and you can find links to all my quilts here.

Back to 2013, I had a 4-year-old and attended MOPs at a local church. In my group that year was a young mom expecting her second child, a girl. I had just started building my stash, and was itching to use the adorable elephant fabric I bought at Joann.

When Olivia told us about her baby, I got to work. I started playing around in PowerPoint to come up with a pattern. 

I was pretty knew to matching seams so it seems like matches to have block that looked like this.

I didn't yet know how to make custom labels, and clearly binding was still my nemesis! But it was indeed, handmade with love.

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  1. You made this when you started quilting. Nice work. Cute quit!

  2. Fourteen quilts the first year?!?!? That's amazing! (I did 2) LOL It's wonderful that you have documented all of them. Those elephants are adorable!

  3. I love the soft pink and greys together. And the elephants too, of course!

  4. Love the pretty pastel colours in this quilt. Pink and grey are always the best of friends, aren't they. The elephant fabric is beautifully whimsical. Such a beautiful baby quilt.

  5. So cute! And a perfect quilt for a beginner to try. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss!

  6. Love the colors and those elephants! Very pretty.


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