Saturday, February 11, 2012

More Last Minute Details

In addition to the carpet and chandelier, here a few shots of the rest of Friday's progress:

Our doorbell is in! This was of particular interest to our three-year-old.

After three trips to Lowes, we finally had all the components for our outdoor ceiling fans:

We ordered this water glow faucet temperature sensor. It changes the color of the water coming from the faucet to red if it's hot, and blue if it's cold. We're going to give it a whirl, and if we like it, we'll buy another one so we have one in the in-law suite, and one in D's bathroom.

The toilet lids have been installed. In addition to the WaterSense label, we chose these Toto Aquia II dual flush toilets for their sleek design. No knobs on the side make them easier to clean.

I'm so happy to have a water closet at last!

I finally took some full room photos of our master bathroom. I really like how we laid this out. It helps that it is a bajillion times better than our former bathroom.

I took a better picture of the laundry room laminate, to show detail, and why we want to have a new cubby build (eventually?) that hides the washer drip pan. Of course, now we'll have to work around that laminate cut out.

Painting the fireplace mantle will go on our "no regret" list:

The Delta Touch 2.0 faucet was installed in the outer island. This is the same one we have in the prep sink.

 Close up of the Hanstone Specchio White quartz.
This particular quartz is made of 24% recycled material: white and green glass and mirrors, which makes it reflective and pretty.  

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