Saturday, February 18, 2012

Moving Day!

Busy, busy, exhausting, fantastic, overwhelming, dream-come-true day. We moved into our dream house!

We are beyond tired, so I'll keep this brief. We woke up around 7 (Thank you, D!) We quickly washed our linens and cleaned the last of the floors and shower before heading down to the house. 

Around 9am, our wonderful, generous friends came over and helped us get started. Our next door neighbor was kind enough to host our crazy boy all day. (All the transition has affected his sleep...and mood). We started the day with a ton of boxes in our garage, a POD parked in front of one garage (filled with our beds and couches), an apartment full of packed items 20 minutes away, and a storage unit filled to the gills with shelves and smaller furniture and fixtures. Niels headed out with one guy to get the Penske truck, and meet another friend at the apartment. I stayed at the house and directed traffic from the POD while unpacking boxes in the kitchen. 

The crew changed  a bit over the course of the day. We had a break for pizza around noon, and really cute cookies in the afternoon, provided by another neighbor. (We LOVE our street!). Niels and one of the later arrivals finished up in the basement around 8:30. 

All in all, our beds are made, our kitchen is mostly unpacked, our great room and dining room are all done but the decorating, our media room is set up, and the other rooms are chaos, but we have all our t'ing about is and we are tired, but blessed.

A few snapshots:

Picture of the day: D couldn't sleep last night until almost 11. Was still up at 7, and couldn't nap today at the neighbors. He came home at five, and after borrowing milk from a neighbor (we forgot the frig food at the apartment!), we gave him some cereal for dinner. Niels and I were chatting in the great room and found this.
Yep, he's out.
Here comes our bed. We are officially home!

Kitchen chaos.

Playing with the pantry.

And this is where I ran out of steam:

Finally seeing mom and dad's China again!

Happy to see the Penske truck arrive with our apartment stuff...and pizza!

The crew returns from the storage unit.

We had some technical difficulties with the couches. All is well now, and we have the first ding in the wall taken care of already.

Making progress in the kitchen. (Do you see my beautiful Kitchen Aid mixer waiting to be used?!)

Our neighbor, Emily, brought these over. I aspire to be as awesome as she is.

Seriously, how cute are these cookies?

I'm sure D will have great appreciation for how hard all the guys worked to get his armoire in his room.

The most important project of the day: putting together D's big boy bed. 

We've been thinking that our great room was too small. It's just right. And I LOVE our fireplace. We've had it on all day. 

Another view of the great room.

I love sitting in front of this:

Niels' project for the night: the media room

 Niels' project for tomorrow: his office.

My project for tomorrow:

Our project for right now:
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  1. You all are amazing! Hope you got a good night's rest! I feel like I know you after meeting you on Pinterest! I guess and the fact we are updating (I guess is the word) using some of your same paint colors!

  2. Thanks! We did sleep well that night! I hope you pin your finished projects. I'd love to see!

  3. So, am I correct with my math.... 8 month build? We are looking at Charis to build our home. My wife and I enjoyed reading this, a ton of great info.


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