Monday, February 6, 2012


We made a super quick stop on Saturday before church. Super quick because Niels and D stayed in the car. 

The first thing I noticed was: our front door handle was up!
Almost looks official, doesn't it?! We were thinking we were getting a lock with a number pad, so the final door may look slightly different.
Our mudroom hooks are up. They look awesome. I'm so happy with how the mudroom is turning out.
Close up of the hooks: Brainard Satin Nickel Single Garment Hook from Lowes.
Pulls are installed in the in-law cabinetry.
We have drawers in the in-law vanity. But no pulls...or stain...yet.
Pulls installed in the powder room. 
Pulls in the laundry room.
Pulls in D's bath.
Pulls in our bathroom.
I can't believe how much it's really starting to look like a home! Next week we'll see the appliances go in, plumbing fixtures go in (toilets at last!), carpet, my backsplash...
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