Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Getting to the end

When we got to the house tonight, one of the first things we noticed was that the outside outlets are in.

Lots happened in the kitchen today. Our new dishwasher is in!

Niels takes a closer look at the dishwasher, and I have visions of him emptying it in the very near future!

We chose this Bosch dishwasher because it's quiet. And because it was a floor model, we got a great deal on it. I think we're really going to love the third rack for silverware.

I'm really proud of the research Niels did in selecting all of our Energy Star appliances. Note that that the estimated annual operated cost for our dishwasher is lower than the lowest number on the chart (we actually have that on a couple of appliances). In a future posts, we write more about the energy guides for our appliances.

Our 24" Sharp microwave drawer was installed. It fits much better than the 30"!

Our frig is in! We love all the bright light!

The instahot and Waste King disposal were installed in our prep sink.

And my gorgeous Solistone Mardi Gras glass tile backsplash is all in! I really have an unhealthy love for my backsplash. I also really like the silver trim that Tim put alone the sides. Grouting will happen tomorrow.

The hood has been a little tricky. They had to do some adjustments, which mean the drywall in the in-law closet, which is behind the cooktop got a little "adjustment."

It's always a risk to create something out of nothing. I knew I liked the individual aspects, but wasn't completely sure how they'd all look together. It's so much better than I dreamed. A few views of the nearly finished kitchen.

The great room looks a lot bigger now that twelve appliances and three pieces of pantry furniture have been moved out. The carpet installers will be here on Thursday!

John, our plumber has been busy getting our plumbing fixtures ready. It was nice seeing this in our bathroom.

The water line was put in today!

We have a four-zone ICS Carrier furnace.

The sump pump is in. I hope we never need it.

Rheem gas water heater.
Not much left now!
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  1. Can't wait to see your finished kitchen pics!!! It looks absolutely gorgeous!

  2. I have been reading this entire blog after finding you on GW and repining a million of your pins;) So, with all the green aspects of your home, I'm surprised at the water heater. I know you've been so careful with your choices, so can you let us know why you didn't go tankless?

    1. Reason we didn't go tank-less is that our gas tank is very efficient (in the summer we have $25 gas bills, with $22 of that being the monthly delivery fee...) and tank-less heaters require annual maintenance for optimal efficiency where regular gas tanks do not. That, plus the fact that it's more expensive to purchase lead us to opt for the 'conventional' water heater

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