Thursday, February 9, 2012

Carpet is going down!

A new crew of guys joined Tim and Jim today: the carpet crew! I didn't venture upstairs where they working, but here's what the first level looks like:
in-law suite
great room (view from kitchen)
great room (view from stairs)
Niels' office
The plan today is for them to get all the grippers and padding down. Tomorrow, they'll lay the carpet down.

Carpet is one area where we compromised. If money were no object, we would have likely put cork in all the bedrooms, office and great room, and used a rug runner on the stairs. But since we do have a budget,  we decided to use carpet. We had originally planned to use carpet made of corn and recycled bottles, but we got a really great deal on the carpet we're putting in. The plan has never been to have the original carpet in long term because A) it's carpet, and even if it looks nice, you don't want to think about what it's hiding, and B) we'll be bringing a puppy home soon and then you really don't want to think about what's in the carpet! :-) So, when we realized we're looking at something for only the next 3-5 years, we decided to go cheap and not go over our allowance on flooring. Print this post

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