Photo sets

Photo sets of the building process:

We have a sample of pictures of the build progress on the respective blog posts, but intended to keep a more extensive set of pictures for those interested on a site called Snapixel.

However, we've gotten so far behind that we're now simply using the blog to show the most important pictures and decided to make our Facebook photo albums of the build available as public. They are also available on the right side of the main blog page.
Snapixel archive of the rough build-phase (first 6 weeks):
  • Week 5/6 - The pace slows down now the rough build is done
  • Week 4 - From the 2nd story to the completion of the rough build
  • Week 3 - From main level sub floor to 2nd story ready for concrete
  • Week 2 - From basement walls to main level sub floor and graded lot
  • Week 1 - From breaking ground to basement walls

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