Friday, January 20, 2012

Painting...Almost Done

One more full work day for the paint crew! All that's left is the office stripe, mudroom and in-law suite (bedroom, closet and bath) paint and mudroom locker stain.

Here's a look at what they've done over the last two weeks. I should mention that all of the paint below has no VOCs. No paint smell, and healthy, too!


D's Room: Sherwin Williams Scanda (Blue) and Solaria (Yellow)

Guest Bedroom: Sherwin Williams Dovetail (Dark Gray)

Master Bedroom: Sherwin Williams Sensuous Gray (Plum)

Master Bathoom: Sherwin Williams Dovetail (main bath), Sensuous Gray (Water Closet) and Mindful Gray (Closet).

D's Bathroom: Sherwin Williams Solaria

Upstairs Hallway: Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray

Upstairs Laundry Room: Sherwin Williams Oyster Bay

Stairwell and Great Room: Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray

Kitchen, Command Center, Pantry and Dinette: Sherwin Williams Oyster Bay

View of kitchen from the great room. Dinette to the right. Command center to the left.
View of kitchen from dinette. Arch to mud room to the far left. Command center on left.
Panty door on right. Great room on far right.
Command center. After the counter is placed, the rest of the cabinets will be added:
tall cabinets on both sides, with a book shelf and cubbies on top.
I'm so happy with how the wall matches my backsplash glass tile.
Close up of backsplash.
Pantry. I will use temporary shelves for the first few months to confirm the layout, then our kitchen cabinet maker will custom build the shelves this summer.
View of the kitchen into the great room.
 Entry and Foyer: Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray and Sensuous Gray (only in niche)

Powder Room: Sherwin Williams Solaria.

Niels' Office: Sherwin Williams Dovetail (below) and Mindful Gray (above). Still to be added: a chair rail stripe of Sherwin Williams Pure White (same as baseboards).
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