Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Day 204: Closets are in! (T-minus 18 days til move in)

The last few times Niels and I have visited our house, we've talked about how it's getting harder and harder to leave. It's starting to look like a home, and we're itching to get settled. After seeing the house this morning, I'm really fighting the itch because our closets are in! They look fabulous, but bare. I want to get in and get organized!

In Law Suite:
We had a few goals for this closet. In addition to providing storage for any weekend or short term guests, we wanted to make sure it had ample space for my in-laws when they come for longer visits after Jan retires. (They can stay up to three months at a time on a travel visa). Or, if my mom wants/needs to live with us at some point, there's plenty of room for her to have a full wardrobe. Lastly, if/when we need to move downstairs as we age (and our wardrobe dwindles), we can can still have decent, if not overwhelming storage. 

Mudroom and Foyer:
Since we have the locker and cubbies for most of our outerwear, we didn't need a lot of specialized space in the closet. We saw a closet with a low shelf/bench like this at another Charis home last week. We thought it was a brilliant place to put bags, backpacks, purses, etc. So we were pleased that it wasn't too late to add them to our closets.

Guest Bedroom:
We went pretty basic in here. In hindsight, we could have put in some shelves, but realistically, we planned for storage pretty well in our house so we don't have anything planned for this closet other than guest use when we have families stay with us.

Linen Closet:
This is a huge upgrade from the little linen closet we had in our old bathroom. We'll use this for extra towels, linens, pillows and toiletries that aren't housed in the bathrooms, bedrooms, or laundry room. It's hard to see how big it is straight on, but the second photo gives an idea.

D's Closet:
Our sweet boy was so excited to see the shelves in his closet. He wouldn't step out for me to take a picture. So, there he is. Up until now, all of his clothes have fit in his dresser, which he'll still use, so I think his closet will be home to books and toys and next-size-up clothes for now.

Master Closet:
Neither Niels nor I are big clothes hoarders. For the last six weeks, I've been rotating three pairs of pants, 2 sweaters, 2 vests, and four shirts. Niels has only slightly more than that because he actually see the world each day. I'm quite content with my SAHM yoga pants and tee wardrobe, with a jeans and sweater option if I want to go all fancy.

Our close is much larger than we need, 5'8' x 12'8" but 50 years from now, when we move out, the new owners might appreciate it.

My side of the closet had 4 pull out metal shelves (24" wide) and 4 standard shelves. We hadn't seen these shelves in Charis homes, but we really liked the Elfa ones from The Container Store, so we asked and Les said, "No problem!"

Niels side is essentially the same except that he doesn't have a single rod shelf. Anything long that either of have to hang will fit comfortably on my single rod shelf. And his double rod shelves are a little longer because he has more clothes.

We are repurposing the mirror from our old living room so we can finally have a full length mirror. It fits perfectly between the two shelves and can be seen from the bathroom. It will be hung up a couple inches above the baseboard. This also saved us a little money because we didn't have to buy another solid wood pocket door, as we had originally planned.

We're very happy with the work of Top Shelf Closets. If you're in the area and looking for a closet system, get in touch with Les.
Top Shelf Closets
5610 Manchester Rd
Akron, Ohio  44319-4213
330.882.2323 [office]
330.603.0727 [cell]
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