Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tile, Tub and Tricked out Window

This morning, in addition to the fun of seeing the lights go up, I also got to watch the tile guy draw on the floor as we confirmed the direction and set of our tile in the foyer, mudroom and in-law suite.

This is how we make sure that everyone agrees how the tile should look, no matter who places it.

In the mudroom, the backerboard has the natural grey grout we discussed yesterday.

There are three guys working on tile. This is how we know that everyone is working from the same plan: 

We're really happy with how the tub surround turned out. It's hard to see because in the dark, my camera seems to have focused on the dust, but around the tub, they placed a full piece of tile, and then cut smaller pieces of the the tile to make a border.

Last night, Niels and I picked a replacement light for one that broke outside, a fire extinguisher for the pantry (gotta love those home owners insurance deductions), and this frosted glass film for the powder room. Here's Todd, our GC, holding up the film while I check the transparency from the front porch. Since we was wearing a neon yellow shirt, I think that it's safe to say that unless you sit nekkid on the window sill, we've mastered the issue of privacy.

The cork was finished today, and is now covered up to protect it. The tile (and maybe the LVT?) will be done by Monday. Jim will continue to work on lights and electrical. Monday, they'll start putting in appliances and plumbing. We're looking at about two weeks til we get our certificate of occupancy! Print this post

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