Sunday, January 1, 2012

Niels' Office

Seems fitting--as I'm sitting in our apartment waiting for Niels to come home from a crazy long WEEKEND HOLIDAY day at work--to blog about his new home office plans. (By the way, I really can't complain. He only has super long days like this once or twice a year, and his boss is really great about working around our unique family issues).

We each campaigned for the office space. I wanted it for a play room for D, but ultimately agreed that Niels need at place to work from home when the weather was bad or I wasn't feeling well. Since we had to delay finishing the basement, our son gets a really big play room.

We've been dreaming of our forever home for about four years now. I can't remember when it went from "someday" to "someday soon" but over the last few years, we've spent many happy hours touring model homes, open houses, and "home" stores, as our toddler calls them. Given Niels' European roots, it's no surprise that Ikea is one of our favorite places. 

When Niels saw this set up at Ikea a few years ago, he said, "This is it!" 

Mind you, this is before we even had an idea of what our floor plan was going to end up looking like! He liked the open desk that faced the door. The bookcases around the walls, and the espresso finish on the bookcases. 

The above photo was taken at the Pittsburgh store. This part October we saw a similar setup in the Orlando store: The bookcases are from the Billy collection, but I think the Expedit and Hermnes collections have promise, too. The desk above is from the Galant collection. 

For chairs, I'm think we might get two of these fun (and very comfortable) bungee chairs from The Container Store. I want one for my command center, so we might as well get a matching set, right?

Eventually, when Niels gets some downtime, he'll use the Billy Planner on Ikea's site to lay everything out, and then we'll take a little roadtrip to Ikea.
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