Saturday, February 4, 2012

In-Law Suite Vanity In!

My writing energy wilted after writing about the marble mishap, but I've had a nap and am ready to share more good news: the River White granite vanity has been installed in the in-law bathroom!

I saw the slab when I was by in the morning. This is my favorite of the granites we chose. If a slab had been available, or if this was big enough for our vanity, we would have had it installed in our bathroom. (but the Kasmir White is very nice, too)
River White Granite, surrounded by many boxes and our new bedding.
Close up of the River White. I love the gray lines.
Installation complete.
Our Kraus sink arrived, too, so I placed it on the vanity for a quick peek.
Side view. After the Delta touch faucet is installed, we'll make the pipes under the sink prettier.
The vanity is a little non-traditional, but the idea is that if I (or someone else in our family) is suddenly in a wheelchair, renovating the bathroom for accessibility is one less thing we need to think about. The height and shape of the vanity allows someone to comfortably use the sink from a wheelchair. The touch-activated faucet will be easy for someone with arthritis to us. There's still space for storage, and room for a chair to navigate to all the important bathroom fixtures. Hopefully, we won't ever need all these features, but the peace of mind that goes with knowing it's ready definitely puts my mind to rest. Print this post

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