Monday, February 13, 2012

The last of the lights

Pretty quiet day at the house as we're gearing up for inspections. Jim Duffie, our electrician was there putting up the last of the lighting.

I posted earlier about finding the undermount outlets we wanted. Emily at Task Lighting has been fantastic to work with, even following our order personally to make sure it arrived as soon as possible.

Here's a last look at the old yellow outlets.

Here are the pretty new outlets, with matching LED lights.

Of course, I forgot to take another wide angle shot. They still show slightly--to short people like me!--but at least they look like they match.

The other thing we saw Jim do today was hang the light in the great room. This fixture made us a bit nervous because it took its sweet time arriving. Our lighting inspection is tomorrow, so it was a little tight!

Jim needed a TALL ladder to install the fan.
 Close up.
The great room is done!
I realized after Jim left that he installed the wrong bulbs. We had a nice collection of daylight CFLs on the counter for him. Time to start working on the punch list! Print this post

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