Friday, February 10, 2012

Do you have your rain barrel yet?

In our efforts to build at green, energy-efficient, universally-designed home, we did make one big not-so-green choice when we choose where to build our home.

If we were super hard core about our choices, we would have built our home closer to Niels' work, which is 37 miles away. However, there were a lot of other considerations, including the importance of me being able to be safe and able to get around, which is better and easier for me in the city where we live because I have friends and now close neighbors, and can avoid highways to get where we need to go. (I have driving restrictions due to my traumatic brain injury and vision issues). Plus, given my health history,  there is a great benefit to not having to find a new medical team.

Another reason we choose to stay in our city is that it has one of the best school districts in the state, which is clearly important to us and our son.

An emerging validation of our choice is that our city is starting to raise awareness of earth-friendly choices. If you drive around our community these days, you'd see billboards with the words "Do you have your rain barrel yet?" Our city is a partnering with the local library and garden center to host a free rain barrel workshop on March 10.

A rain barrel was on our list of things to get after we moved in, so when we saw the announcement for the workshop on Facebook--we love that our city is on Facebook, too!--we signed up minutes after registration opened. We would have registered no matter what, but were especially motivated because the first five registrants will receive one of these:
Good Ideas Rain Wizard 65 Gallon Rain Barrel Urn
A rain barrel is a really easy, passive way to take advantage of the rain water that would otherwise flow in the city water system. You can use the water to care for your lawn and garden.

Benefits of using a rain barrel include:

  • Reduces your water and sewer bill.
  • Reduces the amount of water that needs to be treated through the city water system.
  • Provides untreated water for landscaping and gardens.
  • Slows down the storms water and helps prevent flooding and water pollution.
  • Models water conservation to family members and neighbors.

We look forward to learning more about rain barrels and green gardening as we move in to our dream home. Print this post

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