Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pantry on Pinterest

I've written before about my love of Pinterest and how I've used it to keep our dream home ideas organized. As a former writer, I always get a bit of a thrill when I see something I wrote quoted or a reader writing me after reading my book. Now, I get the same thrill when I get a notification that someone pinned or comments on something I uploaded. 

I've posted a few pictures of our new house on Pinterest, and the kitchen has been fairly popular, but yesterday, I was bombarded with notifications that pinners were repinning this picture of the pantry in our old house. 

There were a few versions of it on Pinterest, and one was linked to this blog, so we had almost 2,000 visits yesterday! Quite a bit up from our typical 300 or so!

I used Google image search to learn that posted an article about Pinterest, and the photo included my pantry picture. 

I'm not sure if that's the exact connection, but it's the best I can make out. At any rate, a big hello to all the new visitors who have stopped by in the last day or so. And for those who have asked, here's another picture of our old pantry, in an earlier state of organization.

To answer a couple questions that keep coming up:

The green containers are small and medium Sterilite clip boxes from Target. I didn't buy them all at once. I just kept buying a couple at a time as I needed new bulk items. Instead of putting the bag in the pantry, I bought a new clip box, labeled it, and filled it up. Some of expressed concern about storing food in plastic containers. I agree that it's not ideal. Believe it or not, being green was not on my radar when I did this about three years ago. I love them because they stack well and the wide opening makes scooping very easy. I would love to convert to glass, and will likely start the process when we move into the new house. It hasn't been a huge priority for me yet, however, simply because I rotate through the bulk items fairly quickly.

The white containers are Sterilite ultra baskets with titanium inserts. I bought them at our local dollar store, but they are sold in most big boxes, as well as Amazon.

Our new pantry is still under construction. I have an idea of what I want to do, but we're going to live with it (and some make-do shelves) for a few months to make sure. Here's the idea:
I LOVE this layout. Only change would be color behind walls, space for the freezer, and add a few drawers. This would give me my appliance shelf, and if it followed all around, would give me a few deeper shelves.
Source: Jen Grant Morris
I love the way that the shelves are deeper waist level and below. That gives me my appliance shelf, and the more shallow shelves above keep items from being lost. I think the painted walls are a lot of fun, so I'd have the shelves open on the back. We'll have Joe Yoder build these this summer. 

The new pantry is 9'x9'10, so the dimensions are not quite the same as this one. Mine is wider buy less deep. We have a stand up freezer that we'll have to work around, once I figure out for sure where I want it to be (on the side or in the back). This is an idea I'm building around:
Pinned Image
Source: Houzz via Rebecca Zaveloff
Stay tuned for a semi-reveal in a few weeks, and a big reveal this fall.

Updated: Here's the big reveal!

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