Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Grandma's Kitchen, block #22: Pick a Posey

Block #22 of Pat Sloan's Grandma's Kitchen sew along! Today's block is Pick a Posey. 

Gramma loved flowers. Mom always made sure she had a poinsettia for Christmas and a lily for Easter. On Mother's day she would wear a corsage to Mass. And she loved getting flowers for her birthday. I asked Mom what her favorite flower was, and she told me roses. 

So I changed my posey block to a rose. At this point in the sew along, I knew I was going to change up Pat Sloan's final placement and needed all my blocks to be 12" squares, so I took some liberties with this block to make it a 12" rose block.

The "rose" in my block is actually a snail's trail. I used the very helpful tutorial by Walnut Street Quilts

In addition to cut flowers, Gramma also had a green thumb that did not get passed down to me. 

She had a huge garden in the backyard. 

Gramma with one of her Mother's day corsages, in the green blouse I used in the Wash Day and Glasses & Cups blocks. 

I think this may have been her last Mother's Day corsage. 

And finally, this picture is from the last time I saw Gramma. I was showing her pictures from her old house, and having her tell her stories and memories. I just noticed she has flowers on her coffee table. 

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