Wednesday, February 28, 2018

One Monthly Goal :: February 2018 Update

OMG indeed! I finished my February One Monthly Goal just in the nick of time. My goal for this month was to finish my Gramma's memory quilt, as inspired by Pat Sloan's sew along, Grandma's Kitchen. 

When I made the goal, I had completed all 25 blocks. I decided to use my own layout rather than following Pat's because I wanted to include Gramma's name and the years she lived. I had to make some of the blocks a little bigger as well as make all the letters and numbers. (I used Lori Holt's wonderful book, Spelling Bee).

I kept the quilting super simple, just straight lines. I'm not totally lovin' it, I had a total but mind block trying to figure out how to work around the appliqued blocks. (I'm a walking foot quilter. If I had the longarm I'm saving for, it might look a lot different!).

I do love the backing print thought. Joann is starting to carry more modern prints and I love the way this one feels. The front of the quilt is pretty colorful with all the things that symbolize Gramma, including some of her shirts, but the back is a nice bit of us both. It includes my favorite colors, purple, teal, and gray, and the design reminds me of the scrubbies she tried (and failed) to teach me to make, resulting in me turning to quilting instead of crochet. 

Each block tells a bit of her life story. I started writing about each block back in July of last year (2017) when I started this quilt. I still have the last few blocks to share, and at some point soon I will write a longer post about the whole quilt which is my ONE HUNDREDth quilt! 

Funny story, I would have been done with the quilt earlier had I no made the wrong year of her passing. I guess I was missing her and wishing I had that extra year. 

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  1. Amazing tribute to your Gramma! Congrats on the 100th quilt finish!!

  2. The quilt looks just wonderful. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and congrats on your finish.


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