Saturday, April 29, 2017

One Monthly Goal :: April 2017 Update

Another month has flown by. I'm still dealing with health issues, and this month my son was sick and my hubby was out of town for a week. So, what did I get done? Let's see...

  • Lainey's Ladybug: This is my OMG and while I did get the top finished, but not completed.

Not bad considering it started the month looking like this.

I cut out the pieces for the ladybugs on my Silhouette Cameo and appliqued them onto the blocks.

I love the minky I found for the backing!

This month, I found a section of a bowling alley lane on Craigslist. I needed just a little extra height on my craft table, but all the casters I found were too high. The lane is 2" thick, and perfect!. I put it on top of the unbored door that served as my table top before and it was done. It is super heavy so that baby's not going anywhere! I love how it looks!! Of course, now it's covered by my ironing pad and cutting board. The other reason I was looking for a second top is that I didn't have enough space between the door and the IKEA shelves for my clamps to attach. I've been having to go to the basement to use the table there for sandwiching. Now I'll be able to do everything in my craft room!

  • Stella's quilt: maybe next month
  • Charity quilt: Pixelated Brutus. I made great progress on this one while I was waiting for the minky to arrive.
  • Charity quilt: campers. Haven't started.
  • Wedding quilts: design quilts for J&T and E&J. Both designed. I made one block for J&T, who were married last night.
  • Hexies:--plugging away
  • Start free motion practice blocks--nope
Sewing...I didn't do any of this!
  • Weighted blanket for Niels
  • Make second magnetic fidget 
  • Sketch out rocket blanket
  • car poncho
  • make a sewing apron
I'm hoping that May brings me good health and productive sewing time!!

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  1. Cute ladybugs! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and congrats on your finish.

  2. I love how the ladybug quilt stitched up! What a fun quilt!

    That is one cool tabletop!


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