Saturday, April 1, 2017

One Monthly Goal: April 2017

This year is speeding by. I can't believe I'm already making summer plans and my baby is nearly finished with second grade! Since we will be spending a few weeks in the Netherlands visiting my in-laws, I'm feeling the pressure to get some quilts done before we go!

  • Lainey's Ladybug: finish
  • Stella's quilt: finalize design and start
  • Charity quilt: Brutus
  • Charity quilt: campers
  • Wedding quilts: design quilts for J&T and E&J
  • quilt from Dare to Be Square
  • Bee Hive 2017: complete March block
  • Milky Way Quilt along: complete March block
  • Hexies: total of 100 
  • Start free motion practice blocks
  • Weighted blanket for Niels
  • Make second magnetic fidget 
  • Sketch out rocket blanket
  • car poncho
  • make a sewing apron
One Monthly Goal is...

Make a ladybug quilt. It will be an original design that at this moment is mostly only in my head, but I think it will go together quickly because it's inspired by the French Rose quilt I made last summer.

All I have for a preview picture is this image of the fabric I've pulled for it.

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