Thursday, March 29, 2018

Grandma's Kitchen, block #25: Famous Cookies

After nine months, we have arrived at the final block of my Grandma's Kitchen quilt! In truth, the quilt is finished, but I seem to quilt faster than I write, so it has taken me longer to write up my posts. 

The name of the final block is Famous Cookies

Gramma Ann's famous cookies are her five beloved daughters: Ann, Chi, Mary, Terri, and Lori. 

Earlier in this process, when I made the 7th block, Oh My Stars, I originally used some Scrabble fabric before I found crossword print that fit so well of my memory of seeing her doing her crossword puzzle every morning. She told me that crosswords would keep her brain sharp. And they did, into her 90s!

Gramma did play Scrabble, but it was her daughters who have really embraced the game.

I remember Mom's blue rotating board being brought out at every family gathering, and even now as Gramma's girls are spread out across the US, they still engage in competitive games on Words with Friends.

The Scrabble fabric line is long out of print, but I had some left over from the Western Scrabble quilt I made for my mom.

I knew immediately that I had to use the Scrabble fabric for this last block. 

And the blue striped fabric surrounding the Scrabble tile blocks is from one of Gramma's shirts. 

It isn't often that all five sisters are able to get together, but much fun is had when they are! 

First gathering since Gramma's funeral, Spring 2018.
Gramma's funeral, Spring 2014

Grampa Leo's 80th birthday, 90s

Blackduck, 80s
Blackduck, MN, late 70s

Easter Sunday, mid 60s.
Hanging in Gramma's House in Arizona
I know that Gramma was very proud of all of her girls, who she raised to be independent, intelligent, curious, and lovers of life and laughter.

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