Thursday, November 23, 2017

Grandma's Kitchen, block #20: Lovely Dishes

I've gotten a little behind with my Grandma's Kitchen blocks. Life has gotten busy and it's going to get busy as of this week with Thanksgiving Sinterklaas December 5, D's golden birthday later that week, and of course Christmas, and all the end of year fun. Stress shuts down my creativity so it took me a little longer to figure out how I wanted to do my blocks.

For the moment, I've skipped block 19, and worked on block number 20 from Pat Sloan, Lovely Dishes. 

With the holiday season kicking off today, it's fitting that my block celebrates the time of year that we are most likely to use our "lovely dishes." Growing up in Minnesota, my early years found us celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas by making the trek through (often) snowy roads to tiny Blackduck, which is only about a hundred miles from the Canadian border. 

When I called mom to ask about Gramma's dishes, she said that Gramma had some white china with gold on them. I couldn't picture them but that's probably because I would have been sitting at the kids table with paper plates!

This picture is from the house Gramma and Grampa lived in before I was born. I think maybe Gramma's lovely dishes are in this cabinet.

I don't have a good picture of Gramma's lovely dishes, but I did find this picture of her silverware. I took it the last time I was at her house in Arizona, while she was in the hospital with mom. I had a feeling it would be my last time there so I took time to take it all in.

While browsing for pictures, I also found these pictures from my early Christmases in Blackduck. That's me transfixed by the big frog.

My brother and I checking out the nativity in the basement.

Once I got a little older, we started celebrating a combined Thanksgiving/Christmas in Wisconsin because it was a more central location for everyone. One of my favorite holidays took place when I was maybe ten. My aunt Terri and uncle John were caretakers of a Girl Scout camp. There was plenty of room for everyone to sleep and explore the grounds. I wish I had pictures from that weekend.

In my teens, Gramma and my Aunties were over the big holiday prep, lovely dishes or no. So we started celebrating our Thanksgiving/Christmas gatherings at a casino! All you can eat buffet and no clean up. While the smoky environment wasn't so fun for me, the adults sure enjoyed the entertainment.

This picture wasn't taken at one of the casino Christmases, but it doesn't capture the tone of our fun-loving family.

As an adult, I often spent Thanksgiving at home with friends. But after getting married and become a mom, we started spending some of our holidays in Arizona with my mom and Gramma. 

Sometimes we enjoyed a small dinner at mom's house. And sometimes we joined the rest of the retirees for a buffet in the clubhouse. 

I love this picture of Gramma in her poinsettia sweatshirt. She loved getting her poinsettia each year, and often wore her fancy sweatshirts in the winter months.

One last Christmas story to share, and it's one of my favorites. It's one of those memories where the origin gets fuzzy after awhile, but family memory and inside jokes remain. Patsy & Elmo had big hit in the late 70s/early 90s called "Gramma Got Run Over By a Reindeer." Of course, we loved singing that song to Gramma Ann. And we especially liked making up our own lyrics to it. 

After Grampa died, we loved to tease Gramma whenever she got special attention from the men around her. And because Gramma had lived in her 55+ community for several decades, everyone adored her and spoiled her. One year, someone at the park gave Gramma a peck on the cheek. It was just the fodder we needed to make up a song: "Gramma got kissed by a stranger, walking over to Chi's house Christmas Eve."

Smiling at that Christmas memory, I started this block with the red reindeer print. The acorns and leaves are for Thanksgiving. And the gold accents for the rim of Gramma's lovely dishes.

I still haven't put any of my rows together yet, though I did have the idea that I will use some of the filler space to include important dates, like Gramma's birthday, wedding date, etc.

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  1. Oh these memories and how special memories are often mixed up! So just for your own info.... Grandma's good dishes were kept up high in the cupboard but her beautiful goblets that we used were in that Hutch that dad is looking into.
    The silverware pictured is just everyday Oneida. the silver we used for special occasions was actual Silver Plate and it was kept in a box with velvet inserts. we would almost hold our breath in anticipation when we open that box and carefully took out the special pieces that were always hand washed.
    One year we went to Arizona in the motorhome and Mom and Dad rode down with us. It was getting dark as we stopped to gas up and while in the gas station a young man came in asking if anyone had two players because he needed to remove the wire around the legs of the Thanksgiving turkey. John provided him with the players and then he gave Mom a kiss on the cheek and they are started the "mom got kissed by a stranger going down to Arizona Christmas Eve" song. We laughed about it all the rest of the trip.
    And you are so right on how mom was it treasure at Westpark and how she would love it when the men would give her a hug and a kiss on the cheek. She always like to dress up and where her holiday earrings I sure miss her on holidays.... actually every day. I'm so glad you write your blogs to refresh those wonderful memories of Thanksgiving Days past. We had many dinners at the house in Big Lake where the hamsters would join us and we would use my good silver and platinum ringed China... which you now have! And new holiday traditions are made. Happy Thanksgiving

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Momm, I love when you add your memories. And your voice-to-text makes me giggle. Players/pliers. Hemzas/hamsters. Hee hee! And yes, I meant to mention about how I got your good silver and china after Kelly rescued it from your garage sale!!

  3. That's such a pretty heart - I loved the flying reindeer in it before I read the memory of teasing your grandma after the fella kissed her. LOL! These posts are magical, seeing your great love for her and feeling that warmth, even though we've never met.

  4. What wonderful memories. Love the song! Each post gets more and more special. Thanks for sharing them on Wednesday Wait Loss.

  5. Another great block to honor Grandma! Love the fabric choices.


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