Sunday, August 20, 2017

Grandma's Kitchen Bock #7: Oh My Stars

I'm still plugging away on catching up with Pat Sloan's weekly mystery quilt, Grandma's Kitchen, but Here is block 6, Oh My Stars!

Pat's inspiration for this block was the way her grandma would say, "Oh My Stars! as an exclamation.

This block was released while we were in the Netherlands with my mom and aunt, so we were able to brainstorm Gramma's sayings.

Hello, doll!
Work is what we do when there's no fun to be had.
Sh#t @ss!
This too shall pass.
Bluff your way through.
Pour a glass of wine and we will laugh about it.
Walk like you have a quarter in your butt.
I am beautiful, I am loved, and I have a secret!

I took the "words" theme of this block as my inspiration. I printed the italicized phrases above onto light blue fabric for the center squares. I printed each one twice in case I had any smears. Of course, this meant they all turned out perfectly. You can see a slim piece of freezer paper I used to stabilize the fabric on the bottom. 

I designed the blocks on my computer. You can see that I have faint outlines of the 2.5" starting size, as well as the 2" finished size. 

I had to tweak my first square a little because my 2.5" square was slightly small which mean some of my lines showed at first. 

And done.

I'm using the same white background in every block. I chose the Scrabble because Gramma raised five Scrabble players. Here's a picture of Gramma playing with my aunt.

The funny thing is that when I showed the finished block to my mom, she said, you know, "Gramma didn't actually like playing Scrabble much." Cards were her thing, and they will be featured on a future block for sure. I do remember Gramma working her crossword puzzles though. She told me that word puzzles keep the brain sharp. And it worked for her, she stayed sharp until her 90s!

I ended up ordering some cute crossword fabric I found on Etsy last night. 

Since Gramma was full of good words, I'll make an extra block when this arrives.

In the meantime, here's how my quilt is shaping up.

Edited: here's the new crossword block:

Previous blocks:

If you'd like to see what I'm currently working on, follow me on Instagram at de Jong Dream House.

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  1. I love hearing stories about your Grandma! She shared so much, and did so much with you. Great memories. Thanks for linking up to Wednesday Wait Loss.

  2. That's a fun idea to add the little statements - really makes the block!


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