Tuesday, August 1, 2017

One Monthly Goal: August 2017

Last month I made my One Monthly Goal!This month, I'm a realist. By the time you can see this point, I will be on vacation with my husband, son, mom, and aunt. We'll be visiting my in-laws in the Netherlands, with a 5 day trip to Ireland to make my mom's bucket list dreams come true, and celebrate my sweetie and I's 10th anniversary! (Fastest decade of my life!!)

I will be away from my beloved Pfiona Pfaff for 3 long weeks, but I think I will be have enought fun things to distract me! Since I won't be sewing, I have a different kind of  One Monthly Goal for August: visit as many quilt shops as my family of non-quilters will tolerate!!

My favorite quilt shop in Holland closed on July 15. I just missed all the closing deals. It was such a great shop. So I'm on the hunt for some new suggestions from any Dutch, Irish or German readers!!

I am meeting up with a quilting friend in Amsterdam, so I'm really looking forward to her showing me her favorite shop. I'm also hoping to return to the Utrecht Stoffenmarkt, which was great fun a few years ago.

I am especially looking forward to finding a quilt shop in Ireland. It will be an emotional trip especially for my Mom and Aunt. My Irish gramma always wanted her five daughters to visit our ancestral land. If you follow me regularly, you may remember that I am working on a memory quilt of Gramma based on Pat Sloan's quiltalong, Grandma's Kitchen.  Knowing that we will be where she once was will be sure to elicit a few tears. Fabric is my favorite souvenir from my travels, so I look forward to finding something extra special to remember this trip. 

You can see photos from my trip on Instagram. Follow me at dejongdreamhouse. Tot Ziens! 

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  1. What part of Ireland do you plan to visit? I'm familiar with quite a few quilting shops here but they're all outside Dublin as I live in the south.

    1. I should have posted earlier! We just left Ireland. We were in the South. The only shop that I could visit was The Sewing Shed, which is an awesome place!!


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