Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Toddler Boy Room

Now that we seem to be getting a handle on the kitchen, my attention has finally shifted to the other rooms of our new house. I've been starting to browse Houzz.com and other sites for ideas for our 2.5 year old's room. 

One really cool idea I want to talk to our builder about is making an "indoor tree house" in the nook in his room. It's just about the same size as the nook in this picture:

Another really cool idea, is this wall of bookshelves made of...rain gutters. Our son LOVES to read, and it's always fun for young kids to see books face out. I'm giddy thinking how much he would love this. You can find directions for making your own here

Here's another idea for books...and toys and other fun things.

Our son's namesake has two boys. When they were little, they had something like this in the corner of their room. It was great for reading, playing and night time prayers:
Z & N didn't have curtains or pink in their room!
We have a custom decal in D's room with his name and "sweet dreams" and  "slaap lekker" (Dutch, roughly translated as "sleep nicely"). I'd really like to do the decal thing again. Maybe something like this:

or this, which I found on etsy, and totally fits his love of all things transportation.
Another idea I've seen is a modern, dust-free version of the chalkboard: the dry erase board. A simple, customizable version (that I might use for the mudroom) is looks like this:
I could see using plane/train/automobile scrapbook paper in the frame.  Or in the kitchen, this size would make a great menu board.
Leave it to Ikea to have what I'm looking for!
A friend took bath pictures of her child for their family bath. I'm totally borrowing this idea for my son's bathroom.

Speaking of the bathroom, this one of Niels' first good ideas for the new house.

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  1. We are doing something like the 3rd picture in both our kids rooms, the difference being that it will be a comfy window seat with shelving and closet built-ins around the window. I LOVE the tree house!!!!! How cool would THAT be??? ~~ Raegan

  2. Very cool, Raegan! We weren't able to give D a window seat, though the ICF walls do make a pseudo-seat. I think we could do the tree house though. I'd probably keep the ladder on top until he's a little bigger, though! (Thanks for commenting!)

  3. I like those bookshelves! Those can hold way more books than my Ikea spice rack look alikes. :-) Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting.

    Navy Wifey Peters @ USS Crafty


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