Saturday, July 2, 2011

Last-minute framing changes

One other thing we discussed with our builder yesterday was to discuss the latest 'insights' (otherwise called - another round of changes...).

We discussed our ideas and our builder pretty much agreed that those were all very good ideas and advised us to get the construction plans updated with those changes since it would be a bit much for the framers to remember.

Here is the list of items we are changing (from the 'permit' plans) and why:
  • Removing the separate entrance for the In-law suite: creating more wall-space in the in-law suite, allowing more room in the in-law suite bath and cutting some cost since it eliminates a fire door, framing for it and it removes a break in the thermal mass. 
  • Switch from the U-shape kitchen to a double island design: allowing better traffic flow into, out of and through the kitchen, it cuts cost since we are removing some square footage on the couter by removing some bar space and cutting out a part of the U. It also reduces the distance to walk from the kitchen to the dinette.
  • Moving the pantry door: the current location at the 45-degree angle doesn't provide an ability for a 3 feet door (max 2.6 feet) due to the location of some support posts. So we'll square-up the pantry and put in a pocket door between the support posts. It will also provide a more useful lay-out in the pantry.
  • Window size changes in the dinette: we are enlarging the back wall windows from 3x5 to 3x6 to allow bench seating and we are reducing the 2 3x5 windows to a higher-placed transom window with 3 frames to allow our hutch to fit underneath.
  • Swapping coat closet and hall bath door: To prevent looking into the bathroom upon entering through the front door we will move the coat closet to the front wall and move the hall bath door further back.
  • Fireplace location: we are moving the fireplace back to the back wall of the great room to avoid an ackward decision on where to place the firewall on the east wall. It will also allow for a better traffic flow between the 1st and 2nd floor.
  • Remove the door between the master bath and closet: Since we have a door between the master bedroom and bathroom and the closet location being off the bathroom there is no need for a door, especially since only Jen and I will use it... Also cuts the cost of a door and the framing for it.
  • Create a play nook in bedroom 4: A (toddler/tween/teen) boy doesn't need a 4,5 x 8 closet so we are taking part of the closet to create a little play nook for a hidden castle or other exicting imaginary hide-away to play in.
Another change is that the spray-foam insulation for the attic might not happen simply due to the cost of it in North-East Ohio. They charge between $3 and $5 per square and with a 1700 SF 2nd floor the extra cost is at least $5000 over an R50 cellulose insulation. Yes, the foam works better but the energy savings between R50 cellulose and the spray-foam is simply not enough to justify the minimum $5k difference. Maybe we can see if we can add a radiant barrier instead. Unfortuately we do have a budget... Print this post

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