Saturday, July 23, 2011

Build - Day 12/13 - July 23/24, 2011

The second weekend of the build. This week a lot was done in weather that most resembles the Gulf coast in mid-July rather than North-East Ohio. Despite RealFeel levels in the triple-digits, our Amish building crew has been able to make remarkable progress. Even a freak storm dumping 7 inches of rain in 3 hours didn't seem to faze them. A moat a foot-and-a-half deep (we have no drainage and/or backfilling yet so everything collected in the hole) was completely drained in the same amount of time it fell.

You might wonder about the off-the-grid lifestyle of the Amish - we actually do agree with it - but there is no denying their immense work ethic. They are on the job every day at 6am and every day when I get back from work they did more than we thought was possible. This build keeps going at an amazing speed.

Here's a little thought; if they continue the pace of the basement we'll be under roof in about 4 weeks. I know that the outside goes fast, I just didn't think it was sponsored by Team Penske (those who know us get the little inside joke here...).

To recap, last weekend the foundation was dug, footers were poured, and the crew had just started stacking the basement forms. In the last 5 days, they:
  • stacked the rest of basement forms
  • braced the basement wall
  • drained the basement
  • reset the forms on the footers and re-straightened the walls
  • poured the concrete into the ICF forms
  • laid the concrete blocks for the garage, front porch and back porch
  • installed the steel i-beams, supports for the i-joists, and the i-joists for the main level
  • laid the sub floor
  • installed the moisture barrier wrap
  • passed the basement inspection
  • started laying the blocks for the main level.
Amazing. Anyway, the crew is enjoying a well deserved weekend's rest. We're off to a wedding and will be back taking pictures first thing Monday-morning.
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