Thursday, July 14, 2011

Build - Day 3 - July 14, 2011

A low-key day today in 'the pit' with finishing the footer frames (incl. rebar) and the actual pouring of the footer concrete. They also added some of the gravel / pebble that will go under the basement floor.

Tomorrow they will finish up the back porch footers but more importantly, at 7:30am the Logix ICF blocks should arrive. If all goes well, the stacking of the 'Legos' should start around 1pm.

A lot is happening very, very rapidly in these first couple of days. We know that pace will slow down significantly as soon as the house is 'under roof', but for now I'm loving the fast pace of the build.

Here are a few pictures of the today's progress...

Front entrance view

In-law suite view

West view

Tomorrow they'll finish this up... I hope ;-)

Footers approved!
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