Friday, July 22, 2011

Build - Day 11 - July 22, 2011

Temperature remains in the 90s. Humidity levels aren't far behind. Afternoon thunderstorms are the norm. Welcome to building a house in North East Ohio in July. Yet, the build keeps progressing at a break-neck pace. Today the main level sub floor (Advantech) was laid, the water proofing was added, the basement inspection passed (yay!) and the guys starting stacking the first couple rows of the main level ICF walls.

In the afternoon we had a meeting with our builder to the select our windows and doors. This was either perfect timing or simply well-planned because our castle/moat becomes a house on Monday morning when   the basement walls are back filled. Also on deck for Monday: the work crew will be assembling the wood casings for the main level windows so they can stack the ICF blocks around it and thenvmaybe late Tuesday or early Wednesday, they'll pour the main level exterior walls.

But first: have a great and restful weekend, guys! C U Monday.

As always, more pictures on the 'Photo Set' page but here is a sampling of today's progress.

Laying the Advantech sub floor
Basement water proofing, back filling on Tuesday
Amish-built... Immense respect for their work in this heat 
Starting to rise up like a phoenix from the flame (sure feels hot enough!)
View of the front porch, office window and front door
Back-porch with floor supports and slider-cut-outs
Only 9 building days and this is the progress 
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