Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Switching ICF products

Our builder was able to get in on a promotion giving us a higher quality ICF block. So, we are switching from the ARXX Edge to the LOGIX Platinum.

Here is the marketing speak of the material from the manufacturers website:

LOGIX Platinum Series is powered by millions of tiny graphite infrared absorbers and heat reflectors that reduce thermal conductivity.
  • LOGIX Platinum Series provides more R-value without increasing wall thickness.
  • LOGIX Platinum Series delivers R-27 with our regular 2.75" panel thickness.
  • That’s 23% more R-value than most ICF’s offer.
  • LOGIX Platinum Series is better for contractors as well. The elimination of the sun glare from regular white panels makes it easier on the eyes.

Regardless, even if we get 10% instead of the claimed 23% increase in R-value I'm already happy. It's basically getting farther into the honey-pot. It's all good... Print this post

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