Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Build - Day 15 - July 26, 2011

Start of the third week of construction. As mentioned yesterday, the basement work - including the main level sub floor - is done, the lot is graded so no more moat and the main level ICF stacking has started.

Today, having the window casings ready we hoped to see some higher walls as a result. See for yourselves what the actual result was...
At 9:30am the main level walls are almost up. Nice progress, again...
Lunch-time progress. One more course and the main level ICFs are stacked.
Delivering lumber for the interior walls and I-joists for the 2nd floor.
Front of the house - main level ICF stacking complete
Back of the house - main level ICF stacking complete. Gorgeous sky...
Great room - ICF will go up to 14' high here. Just see the framing for the higher windows.

On the photo set page we've been grouping the pictures by week. I've added the 3rd week set and any pictures from today until next Monday will appear in that folder around 10pm each day.

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